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Jon Roth


About Jon:
I tend to have too many sticks in the fire.

Mission Statement:
tread lightly, but tread far

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Jon Roth joined the group Crazy And Stupid Stuff I Learned Today - over a year ago
Jon Roth posted on the bulletin for group Resolutions for the New Year - over a year ago

2011 - This is the year I'm going to make myself focus. I've got too many sticks in the fire most of the time, and it's easy to get distracted.

Jon Roth joined the group Resolutions for the New Year - over a year ago
Jon Roth completed Make a large omlette of eggs from my own backyard chickens. - over a year ago

"since then we've made french toast and have had eggs nearly every morning too. "

Jon Roth updated his story to Sit on a jury on his bucket list. - over a year ago

"I sat on a drug trafficking case in Portland, OR and ended up being the foreman. "



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Michelle Hudson added a photo to Finish university and attend graduation on her bucketlist. - 2 days ago

After the graduation ceremony

Michelle Hudson completed Finish university and attend graduation. - 8 days ago

"I completed my Registered Nursing on 17/07/2017. I went to graduation on the 17/09/2017. My mum and dad came over from Tasmania to watch me graduate. They spent a couple days letting me show them ar more"

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Michelle Hudson added Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"They look so cool, I have to do it once"

Michelle Hudson added Travel somewhere TRULY exotic – anywhere that feels like the end of the earth to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"Maybe Antarctica or the Artic Circle."

Michelle Hudson added Unplug for a week to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"Just to have a brake from the world"

Michelle Hudson added Watch a meteor shower to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"It would be awesome."

Michelle Hudson added Take a class totally out of my element to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"Maybe something artsy. "

Michelle Hudson added Make a snow angel to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"Just because I have never done it."

Michelle Hudson is now friends with Pete R. - 11 months ago
Michelle Hudson added Climb a lighthouse to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"I have always wanted to see from the top of one."

Michelle Hudson added Write a letter to yourself everyday this year and open it next year to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"Just to see what I have to say."

Michelle Hudson added Spend a night at an aquarium to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"This would be so cool."

Michelle Hudson added Have a christmas movie marathon to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"I Love Christmas movies"

Michelle Hudson added Bake Christmas Cookies to her bucket list. - 11 months ago

"Really cute decorated ones."

Kham Inthammavong is now friends with Geoffry Govertsen. - over a year ago
Michelle Hudson completed Go to the opera and listen to the fat lady sing. - over a year ago

"I went to the West Australian Opera to see The Riders. It was really good I was a little surprised how good it was. I got sucked into the storyline and was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out h more"

Michelle Hudson completed Take a photo of the same place every day for a year to see the change. - over a year ago

"I took the picture from my bed room window when I moved into my new house. I ended up with a really nice view of the Joondalup wetlands from the second story. I got some really cool sunsets, clouds, a more"

Michelle Hudson completed Make my own birthday cake and eat it all by myself. - over a year ago

"I was planning to cook something fancy but then I decided a nice orange cake with orange icing and sprinkles will do nicely. So that’s what I did. It tasted really nice and was really easy and fun t more"

Michelle Hudson completed Run through a field of flowers. - over a year ago

"It wasn’t a field but I found these pretty white and pink flowers they were up to my hip in height and there were heaps of them so I just ran through them and it was fun. My clothes smelt really pre more"

Michelle Hudson completed Finish a bottle of nail polish. - over a year ago

"I finally finished one, it was a pretty peach with glitter one. This is a hard one because as a nurse you can’t wear nail polish so I don’t usually have it on. I enjoyed crossing this one off even more"

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