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What inspired ShareBuckets?

To start off, what inspired me to create ShareBuckets was the birth of my second child. After he was born, I realized that I have been working too many hours and felt that time was quickly passing by. So I decide to make a list of things that I wanted to do (bucket list).

As I was creating my to do list, I had no idea that my list would grow so long and I knew there were things that I could not remember. Hmmmm, thats when I decided it would be a great idea to create a website to keep track of my bucket list.

As time went by, creating the site and talking with others, the ideas of sharing came up. So I decided to add the capability of sharing my ideas and and adding new ideas from others to my list. And also introducing myself to new friends.

My ultimate goal is to complete one item from my list (rather big or small) atleast once a month.


Why ShareBuckets?

Another goal of ShareBuckets is a place where people can have something good to feel about (with all this recession and bad news we hear all the time). I've just noticed how people were just not smiling enough, financial problems, too busy, too much stress, etc.

So hopefully this can somehow help people become more fulfilled. A bucket list doesn't have to contain anything extravagant, just a bunch of simple things is perfectly fine.


So, I'm not the greatest with words, but this is my short story, hope you can join us and help spread the word and joy.

I would love to see ShareBuckets make a positive impact for people in some way or another.

Best Regards,


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