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Sara KA updated her story to Treat my dog Ebba idealistically during one week on her bucket list. - over a year ago

"Unfortunately she died before I could accomplish this... :("


Sara KA completed Find a real good male best friend. - over a year ago

"Well, although we're still recent friends we got really close quickly and I already consider him one of my closest friends, because we talk about everything and he really understands me and he's there more"

Sara KA completed Celebrate a traditional Swedish Midsummer's Eve. - over a year ago

"Well, had no snaps but we still sung the songs! At Gotland with Elin, Lisa, Johanna, Annika and Elin's friends Wenke, Isabelle and her partner and his daughter. Herring, maypole, a bit of dancing... N more"

Sara KA completed Smoke Shisha in Egypt. - over a year ago
Sara KA added Watch a stand up comedy show live to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"A good laugh is always a good experience, plus I'd like to see if they're funnier than me ;)"


Live Stream for Sara
Michelle Hudson completed See gay marriage legal in Australia. - 4 months ago

"It's official. I love that the Australian people made this happen. Love is Love! Love Endures! Love Wins!"

Michelle Hudson completed Get a permanent job. - 4 months ago

"I got a promotion to a permanent team leader position in October; however I had to go on probation for a few months. On the 7th of Feb it became official and they gave me another promotion at the same more"

Michelle Hudson completed Get given a rose. - 4 months ago

"I got surprised with a red rose at work. A little old man who I have been taking care of for a few months brought me a rose from his garden. It smelt really nice and was a pleasant surprise."

Michelle Hudson added Read the classics to her bucket list. - 7 months ago

"Moby dick, dracular etc. All the books I could never be bothered to read when I was younger."

Michelle Hudson added a photo to Finish university and attend graduation on her bucketlist. - 10 months ago

After the graduation ceremony

Michelle Hudson completed Finish university and attend graduation. - 10 months ago

"I completed my Registered Nursing on 17/07/2017. I went to graduation on the 17/09/2017. My mum and dad came over from Tasmania to watch me graduate. They spent a couple days letting me show them ar more"

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C M completed Live like a monk in Nepal. - 11 months ago

"In Japan, but I got the idea."

C M completed Get buried up to my neck in sand. - 11 months ago

"Loved the feeling. Like a big sand hug."

C M completed Water Ski. - 11 months ago
C M completed Fast for 5 days.....water only. - 11 months ago

"I did 3 days, but that was enough. Urgh."

C M completed Watch a geyser erupt. - 11 months ago

"In the Hells of Beppu, Japan!"

C M completed Watch a geyser erupt. - 11 months ago

"In the Hells of Beppu, Japan!"

C M added a photo to Commit to somebody on his bucketlist. - 11 months ago
C M completed Commit to somebody. - 11 months ago

"Best day ever!"

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C M added a photo to Learn how to drive a tractor on his bucketlist. - over a year ago
C M completed Learn how to drive a tractor. - over a year ago

"Just like...driving a tractor "

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Michelle Hudson added Sleep in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"They look so cool, I have to do it once"

Michelle Hudson added Travel somewhere TRULY exotic – anywhere that feels like the end of the earth to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"Maybe Antarctica or the Artic Circle."

Michelle Hudson added Watch a meteor shower to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"It would be awesome."

Michelle Hudson added Take a class totally out of my element to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"Maybe something artsy. "

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