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Donate my hair to locks of love

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(13) People Have This On Their Bucket List

Jennifer Cochrane

I Have done this twice!

Kari Sinning

After growing my hair out for almost two years, I donated 1 ...more

Victoria Fiedler

I donated 13 inches the first time.Febraury 2004 I donated 1 ...more



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Be able to say I love you in 100 Different Ways  -  03/29/11 (Autie Barnes)

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dress homeless, beg for money than donate the money to charity - (2) people

#12 Never cut my hair again  -  10/17/12 (Lisa Pantling)

Marry the man I love  -  08/03/10 (koohkie Mislang)

Marry my best friend and true love  -  06/09/12 (Ceeya Bye)

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Dye my hair an outragous color - (2) people

do different things with my hair  -  06/17/12 (Zoe Ambrose)

Donate and get my name on something e.g. park bench  -  03/01/11 (Ashleigh Potential Maturity)

To make love on a train, while going through a long dark tunnel  -  12/21/10 (Matt Halter)

Give mom a dozen of roses and tell her its just because I love her  -  08/01/10 (Irene Irene)

Sleep under the stars with someone I love - (2) people

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Love Never Dies  -  09/15/14 (Lance Garbutt)

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To donate money to a needy organization  -  12/20/10 (Matt Halter)

Let my hair get really long  -  01/22/12 (Emmy Vaughn)

Kama Sutra Position - Love's Arrow  -  04/02/16 (Lance Garbutt)

58. Donate Blood  -  03/13/11 (Emma McD)

Love more  -  10/27/10 (Aadiilah Sophiia)

Fall helplessly and unconditionally in love  -  11/07/10 (Steven Barrlott)

Experience true love  -  07/12/10 (Hazel Martin)

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away¬†  -  09/13/14 (Lance Garbutt)

74. Send a message in a bottle saying how much I love them; whoever they are  -  06/27/11 (Michelle Anne)

Get a streak of red in my hair  -  09/18/11 (Megan Nicole)

Donate money and put my name on something - (2) people

Make 1000 paper cranes and given them to my love - (2) people

Grow my hair out - (5) people

Tell somebody I love him/her  -  02/20/11 (Emily Rose Addams)

Do what you love and fuck the rest  -  05/30/11 (Shai Teichman)

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Find my true love (besides Newton)  -  04/26/10 (Shannon Follett)

✔Dread my hair again  -  08/20/10 (Shiloh Williams)

Donate $10,000 to Bucknell Womens' Crew  -  04/02/11 (Candice Olszewski)

Find Love  -  07/16/12 (Zoe Grimm)

Learn to love myself  -  01/30/11 (Kari Garcia)

Donate Blood: 10 Units of Blood  -  01/30/14 (Steve Morris)

Donate a kidney  -  05/18/14 (Puzzle Lawson)

Go see the LOVE statue in New York  -  06/30/10 (Kristina Pauley)

Fall madly in love - (4) people

donate to operation smile  -  04/20/11 (Ria T)

Fall in Love without fear - (2) people

fall in love<3  -  12/15/11 (Lisa Klingelhoefer)