Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson


About Michelle:
I love hanging out and going to the beach and surfing even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have had a bucket list since 2005. I'm slowly crossing thing ...read more

Mission Statement:
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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Bucket List Item Information

Dye my hair rainbow colour & leave it for a week

"Not sure I could bring myself to do this I may not want to leave my house without a beanie."

Completed on 07/01/2014

"Leaving my hair dyed for a week isn't really practical for me. I have too many commitments where I have to dress responsibly and not have rainbow hair. So I dyed it rainbow today with hair chalk because it washes out and it was cheaper than hair dye. I'm really happy with it and now I can add colour when I want. "

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Rainbow Hair
added on 07/01/14 08:49 am

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My hand after using the hair chalk
added on 07/01/14 08:48 am

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Hair chalk
added on 07/01/14 08:47 am

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