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I love hanging out and going to the beach and surfing even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have had a bucket list since 2005. I'm slowly crossing thing ...read more

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One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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Weekly Blog W1

I turned 29 yesterday so I have decided to try and cross off as many of the things on my bucket list that don’t cost a lot of money. Being a uni student means not a lot of spare cash flowing but at least when I finish I will have a job I love and can travel with. I have write a weekly blog, so I’m starting it today and will write it on Mondays. I have no idea what I will write about but I will wait and see what inspires me. This year so far has been really stressful which has made me really bitchy. The last four years I have been in really stressful jobs and I have become a really bitchy person. My aim for the next year is to have fun while studying, cross some things off my bucket list, join some clubs, make friends, and in general become a happy person again. I have decided to join the bell ringing society because I’m loving bell ringing and it only cost $5 and the people as great. I do it twice a week and it’s a nice brake from uni. Well speaking of uni I better get back to all these assignments.

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Bucket List Update

I decided to have a bit of a clean up of my bucket list as there is a few things I can no longer do and some I don’t want to do any more. I always thought it would be fun to say I married a stranger and see people’s reactions even if it was just for a day. Well 7 of my friends have just done it and the novelty has worn off and I now have seen all the problems that go with it. I also took off eat the worm, and open and close a bar. I would love to do them but I’m not actually aloud to drink alcohol any more so there is no point in doing them. I have left a few more bar ones because I figure I can have one drink or soft drink. The other ones I took off I just don’t feel like it’s necessarily important that I must do them like everything else on my bucket list.

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First week of University

Well I have completed my first official week of uni. It has been pretty stressful and nerve racking also I have found out a couple of my teachers are just awful and couldn't care less that I had to move to another part of the country to study. But in all it is pretty exciting to be finally study Speech Pathology and in four years I will be qualified to practice in the prefession. Actually that's a scary thought as this year is already going so quick. Oh well it will be good and I better get back to studying.

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Last day of 2012

Well it's the last day of 2012 and I have finished the take a photo everyday for a year. I think it was one of the great tasks I have done on here as it's helped me get some really awesome photos. I think I will have to keep taking photos all the time as I have scored some really funny ones just because I was thinking of this task at the time. Today we had to give back one of our little mini's today which was sad as I have taken Hunny to a show. She is also super friendly which only makes you love her more. But her owner wants her back so she has to go, so I took this picture of her running up to the fence as my last picture for 2012.

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Old Bucket List

I found an old bucket this week in one of my books I had as a kid. it had all thses funny things like ride a moose because I was crazy about mooses when I was younger and lots of other things. Some I have actually done but I thought I would put them on here in honour of younger me.

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Gorge Running Again

Well I have just finished writing my first University esaay all 474 words which is only 26 words short on my the target which I think is good enough considering it's my first one. I have started running the Gorge again as it has gotten a bit warmer. I also started again as the gym I go to has been giving me really crap programs to do so I told them and they have all been acting weird around me since.Ii have paid until the end of the year so I'm going to keep going. But if they are still weird at then end of the year I'll quit as I know how to train myself now. I like the gym but not when they give me stuff to do that gets me injured which is what they kept on doing. I took this pic while running the Gorge.

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Uni Life

Well being a full time student is harder than I thought, right now I'm meant to be reading a chapter on communication skills the different types and where to use them. But I need a brake from it all so I'm blogging on here insted. I have been pretty lasy this week but I have to get my life in order next week and get on top of all my home work. I also have to start training hard for the Ross 10km run which is in 41 days 3 hours and 46 minutes, which isn't long when you think about it. I went cookig mad today and made some cupcakes. Not healthy but tasted really good Blueberry ones. I was suprised that the mixture was purple once the blueberries were added.

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Back to school

I have started univesrtiy preparation program to teach me a few important skills before I hopefully start uni next year. I was planning to travel next year but having no job all year and that doen't look to change any time soon I have decided to get my life in order first. So going to uni is the first step in a long four to six years depending what course I get in. Hopefully I will be able to do a few small trips here and there while I'm studying. I might even try and do some of my studies in another country which would be awesome. But either way I'm pumped to be finally getting some order in my life.

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Beach weather

I was in Hobart today as my friend was having her opening night for her art show. I had to kill some time before it started and while my brother Robert was still at work because I was draging him there with me, so I went to the beach near by it was freezing cold not really beach weather but I still enjoyed it. the art show was good and afterwards I went and did laser tag for four hours with Roberts friends at Zone 3. Never done laser tag before it was awesome.

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Here’s to the second half of 2012

Well it’s June 30th so it’s almost the second half of the year I have completed half of my new year’s resolution. I have crossed of ten things on my bucket list and I joined a gym in January which has helped me to lose 11kg which is awesome. I have just joined a club at my gym called the Kilo Club it’s all about promoting healthy life style whether you need to gain weight, lose weight or just maintain the weight you have, this club is all about having a healthy life style for the rest of your life which is what I need. I have decided I’m going to try and cross off another ten things by the end of the year for extra fun. Here is a photo of the ones I think I can do.

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Slow Slow Week

Last week went so fast being away in Sydney compared to this week. It has taken me forever to get back in to the swing of things and i have realised I have a really boring life at the moment. I pretty much don't do anything interesting, I have decided I need to work on that so Thats my plan for the next few weeks sort out my life so I don't die of boredom. I'm not sure where to start but I'll figure it out eventually. When I pulled up in my carport tonight i looked up and there was this wallably just sitting there watching me it was a little freaky.

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Back home after five very busy days

I'm back home now after having five days in Sydney and Newcastle. I got to do some amazing things, I was a little disapointed that the ghost tour I was meant to go got cancelled but there is always next time. I was glad to prove everyone wrong they said if you travel alone you will get bored and never leave your hotel room. I had a ball over there and I made heaps of new friends, also there was none of this "where do you want to go now" I went where I wanted when I want to. Ok I got lost a lot but I think thats half the fun of traveling. Next time I will have to take more money I didn't realise how much more expensive Sydney is to Tasmania. I will deffinatly be skydiving again it was awesome. I took a really cool pic when we were heading to get breakfast before our skydive, we had to kill some time as the wind was to strong. Here it is.

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Sydney Holiday

I'm officially on holiday for the next six days now which is going to be awesome as I plan to cross of four of my bucket list items in Sydney over the next few days. The most exciting one I think is the Simple Plan consert as I get to go to there sound check party. Which will mean I should get to meet them hopefully I get some pictures as proof. I just can't wait to see them in consert it's going to be epic. I took a pic of my name in the list because i'm really really excited.

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Counting down to holidays

I'm getting excited as I'm going to Sydney in a week for five days. I am going up for a Simple Plan concert but while I'm up there I'm going to cross of a couple of my bucket list items. It should be good fun, I haven't had a holiday in six years. Admittedly it's only five days but it's going to be an awesome five days I can't wait. I will have to take lots of pictures. I took a cool pic of this fountain the other day when I was in town it.

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Buy A Hat Change A Life

Today I bought a beanie, when I took it up to the register the lady serving me told me that these beanies were made in Uganda and if I looked on the inside I could see who made mine. I looked on the inside and there was a name Grace Acan. I went to the website www.krochetkids.org and typed in her name and it came up with her profile. She is a mother of five and is using the money earn't from making these beanies to educate her kids and save for land. This website lets you leave a message of thanks and appreciation of the ladys work, which I did. I feel really proud to wear this beanie now. I bought it because it's a cool colour and I love beanies but now I know its for a good cause helping families like Grace's I feel extra happy to wear it :-)

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White Cockatoos

All week there has been this god awful noise in our yard at different times of the day and there is all this churned up lawn. Well I went out side the other day and found out what it is it all these white cockatoos. Who knew they made such a racket, but they do look cool.

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Ross Marathon

After going to the gym tonight I have decided that I’m going to compete in the Ross Marathon in September. I need a good goal to keep me motivated while trying to get fit. There are three lengths the full marathon 42.2Km, Half Marathon 21.1Km or a Run/Walk 10Km. I think I will start training for the Half Marathon but when it gets closer if I’m not fit enough I will run the 10Km. I have never been much of a runner and the last time I ran 8Km I pulled a muscle in my foot and could barely walk for a few weeks. I think this time will be different I’m actually going to train properly and give it my best effort.

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Weekly Blog

Today is ANZAC Day so I have the day. I went to the Dawn service this morning I have made it a bit of a tradition I have been to the dawn service for the past 8 years it feels good to get up early and go pay my respect to the fallen heroes. I haven't had much time lately to blog and update my daily photos so I have decided I will just blog once a week and put up one of my if I get to it. I have been helping at my parents shop which has been crazy busy over the last two weeks. I have also been going to the gym every day to try and get fit. It seems to be working I can do everything a lot better than when I started in January and I have had to go up in weights and levels on all the gym equipment, except for the shoulder press because that still too hard on the easy level.

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Locked Out

I seem to be locking my self out of my car even more lately than normal for some reason I don't know why. Today I did it at my house which would have been fine except my sister is a little paranoid and has to dead bolt all the windows and doors. When it's just me and my brothers home we just lock everything but we all know how to brake in. But braking in to the dead bolt is impossible. She normally doesn't touch my window as I would go feral at her, but after I had already broke my fly screen getting in, I realised she had dead bolted it. I was very unimpressed as I had to walk over ten kilometers to and from my mums work place to get here house key as she couldn't deliver it to me. I'm going to have to be more careful where I put my keys I think.

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My neighbour is an idiot

We have just started Autum over here which means that the fire ban is over but were told we still need to be carefull. This evening our neighbours decided to bild a massive bonfire and light it right near his house. I took a picture when it was still quite small It ended up getting bigger than there two story house and set half there trees on fire Lol. We called the firebrgade as there were sparks flying into our yard. The firemen were very un impressed as it had been really hot all day and there was really strong winds at the time.

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My Poor Car

Today I was driving into the carport at my house when James came out and started talking to me through my window. I started talking back and stopped paying attention to driving in the carport. Then all of a sudden there was this massive bang and the carport looked like it was about to colapse. All this water rained down on the cars from somwhere in the rafters. We were like OMG then we walked around to check out my car and the pole. We cracked up laughing it was hysterical, my car may be old and crappy but it's pretty sturdy and the pole only lost a bit of paint which was lucky. Decided I'm not going to tell my parents I'll just wait to see if they notice.

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Light Bulbs

Today my Dad decided to fix all the broken things in our house which was great. He fixed the shower door, the kitchen sink tap, the leaking roof and then he decided to change the light bulbs in the lounge room. He put them in not worrying about the fact that they were different size light bulbs. Then he turned on the light apon which there was a bright flash and sparkes went every where. After we made sure nothing was no fire he got the light bulb out and it was all black Lol. My Dad then had to go around to the curcit box and turn on the power for our house again as it shorted out everything. The light doesnt work at all now even with proper bulbs.

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Gorge Run

I haven't been for a run around the Gorge for a few week I have been way to busy and hurt my hamstring. But today I went in the afternoon and it was good. I did six laps of the Gorge and ran to and from Kings bridge which is a lot I have only ever been able to make four laps around the Gorge. So I must be improving. I took this pic on my way back to Kings bridge. Kings bridge is the bridge you can see in the pic.

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Blue Skies

Today all day we had nice blue sky all except for this one little patch of cloud. It was sitting just above some trees it look kind of weird. Even so it was nice to have some good weather now that were heading into winter and the weather is turning to shit.

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Cool Sunset

We have been getting some really cool looking sunsets lately with lots of red and pink going across the sky it's really nice to watch in the afternoon.

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I love wood fires

My Dad cleaned out the fire today so that it was ready to use and about time we have had two nights of below zero and its still only autum. Not a good start I think I will deffinatly be getting aout the winter wollies tonight. I do love the way wood fire warm the hole house up but hate the spiders that come with it.

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Hacky Sack

My brother Robert was home for easter. He and his friend Nick bought a new hacky sack. He waited until night time and was like I want you to check out my new hacky sack. So we went outside and Robert got a bottle of kerosene and poured it on to the hacky sack and then set it on fire. It the new form of hacky sack, flaming hacky sack. I officially suck at it kept holding it too long burnt my fingers a few time LOL. But it was a lot of fun giving it a go James and Robert were good at it.

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First Frost

First frost of the new year it was -2 degrees this morning. I think this is the start of a very long cold winter. I don't mind this time of year too much as I get to bring out my beanie and scarf collection, which is always good.

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Harry Potter Movie Marathon Part Two

I finally completed it, it took 18 hours from 8pm Saturday till 2pm Sunday the longest time I have ever spent watching movies in a row. Totally worth it though, seeing I hadn't seen the last one it made it extra awesome. But I think I will go to sleep now I suddenly feel really tired and a little sick from eating so much bad food.

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Harry Potter Movie Marathon

I have tried to complete this bucket list item a few times but every time I have been too hungry and too tired to complete it. I can always make it to the Goblet of Fire but then I just get too tired. This time I have got a lot of food and some energy drinks to keep me awake. I’m going to make myself get through this if it kills me. I don’t know why I’m finding it so hard I use to do 19 hour shifts all the time at work. I guess I'm just getting old and just need more sleep.

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