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I love hanging out and going to the beach and surfing even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have had a bucket list since 2005. I'm slowly crossing thing ...read more

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One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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I love autum it's so nice to see all the leaves change to really cool colours. Autum and spring are deffinatly my favorite time of year.

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The best Trees

I was driving home yesterday when there was an accident or something and we got stuck in traffic for an hour and forty five minutes I was too upset I happened to be the only car covered by the shade of the trees and seeing it was thirty degrees and my car doesn’t have air con I was very happy. I’m not sure what happened but there was a lot of shattered glass on the road when we finally got through so I’m guessing an accident. I really like these trees.

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Mum's Car

Locked my keys in my car today which sucked had to borrow my mum’s car to drive home and get spare keys so I could drive back to get my car open. It was really weird I learnt to dive in this car but it was like nothing I have driven in years everything was really low down compared with my car.

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New Recipe

Decided that I wanted to try something new so I combined all my favourite foods, it wasn’t too bad in the end. Next time I will skip the beetroot it doesn’t taste to good with tomato sauce. But otherwise really good defiantly have to have it again.

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Creepy creepy gate

There is this creepy gate at the villas where my parents work. It has faces on it but the look really creepy the kid’s recon that they used my parents for the models for the gate but which is funny because it really is creepy. I know it’s meant to be art that’s what the school told them but I disagree I would never call it art.

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Cup of Tea

I was having a cup of tea today when I decided I wanted to sit on the floor but as I sat down I managed to slosh my drink on the carpet. I totally panicked as it was right near my computer which made me spill my drink even more. I’m such an idiot some times.

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Party Rock Anthem

I was driving to the gym listening to Party Rock Anthem when this guy was crossing at one of the pedestrian crossings in front of my car when he all of a sudden started shuffeling and gave me a thumbs up I couldn't do anything but laugh it looked so funny.

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Holden toy cars

About five years ago my sister and I bought these toy collectors cars which we decided to sell a couple of weeks ago. We finally sold them all over the last few days; it was good we made our money and a bit more back on two of the car. The third car was a Holden car and we ended up trading it with someone who works for the Holden racing team for an actual tyre. We thought the guy was joking with us about getting us a tyre that was signed by the Holden winners of a local event. Then we turned up and he gave us the signed tyre we were shocked it was funny.

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Why all the insects

First it was daddy long legs now its scorpions in the last few days I have had fifteen of them and this is one of the smallest. I think they know that it has gotten colder and now were heading into winter I think it will only get worse.

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What can I say other than I FUCKING LOVE Crispy Cream doughnuts. My brother went to Melbourne for a few days so I got him to bring me back a box of then I was asleep when he got home but in the morning I got up and had the pleasure of having them for breakfast, which is awesome

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Poor Bonsai

We have had some seriously hot days over the past week and my poor little bonsai trees leaves go all dried up because I forgot that he doesn’t like the sun. I have been putting him in the shade and watering him a lot and he finally has a few green leaves again which is really good because I thought I may have really killed him this time. But I guess he can withstand more than I thought.

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I was helping out at my parents shop when my dad and I noticed that there was smoke coming out of the nature strip in the middle of the highway across from our shop. At first we weren’t sure it was really on fire then it went whoosh and then there was a lot of flames. I rang the fire fighters to come put it out and five minutes later they were there. I was really excited because it’s the first fire I have ever rang in. Actually it’s the first time I have ever rang triple 000 for any reason, so it was fun knowing it was nothing serious.

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Cool Mat

I was visiting my parents at the villas where they work where I found this really cool mat. had to take a picture so that I could find one like it for myself later :-)

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Daddy Long Legs Invasion

I have the biggest fear of spiders, it's the worst fear I have. Everyone has things they don't like. For instance I hate clowns and I feel funny when I get really high and there is nothing to hold onto but thats nothing compared to my fear of spiders. If I see one it has to die probably where I get all my bad karma from. I don't know what it is they just creep me out. I guess it doesn't help I live in Australia we have some of the most deadlist spiders in the world. Oh well i guess I'll have to geet use to them or by more mortein as we are having an invasion of daddy long legs at the moment. there must be a storm coming all the spiders try and move indoors when thats happening.

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Old Faithful

This is the float that took my sister Katherine and I to pony club and events all over the north, northwest of Tasmania all throught high school and colledge. It's not being used enough any more so my parents have decided to sell it :'-( , I guess if were not going to use it it should go to someone that will love it and take it out for events again. I will miss it though I have lots of really cool memories from that float and traveling to different places with it.

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New Box Set

While in Hobart yesturday I was trying to kill time waiting for Kendo to start when I decided to go into JB Hi-Fi it was a really bad idea. I always find things I really want then I end up spending my petrol money on it. As usual I found something it was the box set for Jackass. All the TV and Movies probably shouldn't have bought it but thE TV show always cracked me up and I haven't seen any of the movies so it should be good can't wait to start watching them.

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Giant Chess

Went to Hobart for the day for Kendo and other things, decided to meet up with my brother for coffee which was nice. After we had coffee we walked down the court yard and decided to play giant chess. I haven't played chess in about 9 years where as Robert playes every week in a tournament. He decided he could have me beaten in five moves, thirty minutes later he finally beat me. He was shocked after all these years I could still hold him off from beating me straight away and I was never a great player either. I forgot how much fun giant chess was haven't played since I was little. Robert said I had to take a picture of his victory as my photo for the day.

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Pot Plants

I finally repotted my pot plants today I have been meaning to to it since christmas as they had got way to big for there pots and one plant had started to die I wasn't sure why. It turned out the plant was really pot bound so I'm glad I finally did it. Felt a little bad that I let my plant get so bad hopefully it will live as I pulled out all the dead leaves so there isn't much of the plant left, I'll just have to wait and see.

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Cool Bug

Was on my usual run around the Gorge when I spotted this awesome red and blue bug on the foot path. I have never seen a bug like this so I had to take a picture of it. Mainly as proof because when I see things like this people tend to say you were seeing things or it wasn't really red and blue. I'm not sure why but when I tell people about things like this they tend to think I exaggerate. Any way it's a cool looking bug and thats all that matters.

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Simple Plan Merchandise

Really excited today I was working at the post office that my parents own scanning in the parcels when I came across one addressed to me, it was my simple plan merchandise. I left early so I could come home and try on adn check out all the stuff I bought because it's so much cooler in person than online. I took a picture of the new scarf I got.

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This is my sisters other horse, I don't have a horse at the moment since mine passed away Elouera was very old so it was just her time to go. Morocco is a cool horse to ride but he is constantly sick or injured. My sister bought him for $3000 but she has already spent over $8000 on vet bills and special feed and minerals because of what he was lacking. She has then spent $5000 on rugs and gear she had to buy because he got so sick. so all up he is a $16000 horse and he is only 9 years old. I can only imagine what he will have gost by the time he is 20 years old. i think she should have put him down I know it sounds mean but that horse is like walking sickness.

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My sister and I have been into horses for years, lately she has gotten into showing little miniture horses and ponies. This is her newest horse Macho or as it has been renamed spit roast by our dad because it's the perfect size. It's very cute but absolutly feral. It steels everything and hide's where it thinks you can't find it.

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Baby Wallaby

There is about six wallbies living in our yard a couple of mummas, one daddy there was two but one died and a few babies. There is one really little baby that they have just started to leave by him self as he can no longer fit in it's mums pouch. This one is really cute but I think he will end up being killed as he is not scared of humans and gets really close to cars. i have nearly hit him a couple of times in our drive way as he will jump out from behind bushes to see whats going on. His parents are protecting him for now but he needs to learn quick before one of us accidently hits him.

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Another long day

Day two of showing the new students into the villas. The good thing I have mastred my talk down to about five to ten minutes but there still was alot of kids going through and I didn't get out to much later today. To late to go for a run so I will deffinatly have to go to the gym tomorrow to make up for not going the last couple of days. The picture is all the out doors I saw all day :-(

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Long Day

Today I helped my parents welcome all the new students to the school accommodation where they will be living five days a week for the whole of 2012. My parents run the villas but it's a big process to get the kids settled. I had to run through the fire evauation process then show them there room, laundry, common room, tell them how to use there keys and all about the internet. Each person took ten to twenty minutes and there was fifty kids to do over two day. As we didn't know which day they were coming we had to just sit around and wait. So from 9am until 6pm I had to just sit around and wait. We ended up getting 35 kids through today. I felt the need to go for a run when I finally finished. As the sun was setting I went for a run around the Gorge. There was a lot of tourists there I ended up taking a heap of pictures for them which I didn't mind.

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Swallen Foot

Woke up this morning with a really swollen foot, I think I must have slept all night lying on it cutting of some of the circulation. It took twelve hours for the swelling to go down. I took the picture about four in when it had already gone down a bit.

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Cupboard Shelves

When I moved back into my parents house I claimed my brothers old room. I had way to much stuff but I though it would all fit up in the top of my cupboard. I was wrong today I looked in the cupboard and realised that the shelf had sagged a lot and might even brake soon if the stuff wasn't removed. I decided I had to cull my stuff, what I don't need will go to the salvos. The picture I took when half way through the process.

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Day Two Surfing at Park Beach

I enjoyed Surfing yesturday so much that I decided to stay an extra day in Hobart so I could surf again today. the waves were excellent today but got really big at the end so I got out then. I'm not a good enough surfer to surf the big waves I like it when they are not to small but not to big. I'm very fussy with which waves my going to surf I have been smashed into the shore line too many times. When I finished surfing today I was walking to the change rooms when I noticed someone had painted these two really big water tanks. I didn't notice yesturday and when I was there last december they weren't painted. They looked really cool so I just had to take a picture.

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I fet the need to go surfing today. I use to live in Hobart where there was heaps of surfing beaches all within a 40 minute drive of my house. I now live in Launceston where the nearest surfing beach is about 2 & 1/2 hour away :-(, Any way I decide that I was going surfing today so I went to Hobart down Dodges Ferry way to Park beach. The waves werent bad which was awesome.

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Got up early for work this morning it was a cross between not to hot but still a little cold. You can tell its the last month of summer over here it's just starting to get cold. It was nice driving to work and watching the sunrise.

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