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I dreamed I died, ended up at the gates of Heaven Greeted by a man Saint someone, said "How's the ride son?" It's been alright, at times a little ro more

Mission Statement:
Before all hell breaks loose before the hangmans noose and as the sun goes down I'll say It's a Good Day To Die!!! credit where it's due... "B more

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Johnny 5 completed Spend 5 days in wilderness area with only clothes and a knife. - over a year ago

""The Death Hike""

Johnny 5 completed Bake a rattlesnake stuffed with taters, peppers, onion, and garlic. - over a year ago

"too small to bake w/ taters, I skinned it, and chicken fried it.....incredibly snake is I want to eat all I see"

Johnny 5 completed Climb a waterfall. - over a year ago

"guess I've been doing this for years, never thought about it.....I do it all the time in a particular cave....!"

Johnny 5 completed Fire a flaming arrow at somthing explosive. - over a year ago

"Tannerite kicks a whole lot of's even legal"

Johnny 5 completed Run for my life. - over a year ago

"Encountered a small herd of moose, one gave chase...I ran...fired my gun a couple times.....I lived....damn it..."


Live Stream for Johnny
Jodi Gillians completed Go to a Sumo Wrestling Match. - 2 months ago

"It was so much fun! Saw the US Sumo Open at Cal State Long Beach...the giant blue pyramid!"

Jodi Gillians completed See U2 Live. - 2 months ago

"Awesome! Saw them at the Forum! Section 324 Row 6 Seat 15"

Michelle Hudson completed See gay marriage legal in Australia. - 4 months ago

"It's official. I love that the Australian people made this happen. Love is Love! Love Endures! Love Wins!"

Michelle Hudson completed Get a permanent job. - 4 months ago

"I got a promotion to a permanent team leader position in October; however I had to go on probation for a few months. On the 7th of Feb it became official and they gave me another promotion at the same more"

Michelle Hudson completed Get given a rose. - 4 months ago

"I got surprised with a red rose at work. A little old man who I have been taking care of for a few months brought me a rose from his garden. It smelt really nice and was a pleasant surprise."

Jodi Gillians added Visit every state fair in the U.S to her bucket list. - 5 months ago

"To see what they celebrate and try great food!"

Michelle Hudson added Read the classics to her bucket list. - 6 months ago

"Moby dick, dracular etc. All the books I could never be bothered to read when I was younger."

Jodi Gillians added Stay at No Man's Fort in Portsmouth, England to her bucket list. - 7 months ago

"It looks awesome and you can even play lazertag there!"

Jodi Gillians completed Graduate with my MSN with an Emphasis in Nursing Education. - 9 months ago

"One of the happiest days ever! Shelly and Lili were there to cheer me on! And I even got my first pedicure ever and a haircut the day before. Wore a pretty dress and felt beautiful :)"

Jodi Gillians completed Eat rattlesnake at Rustlers Rooste in Phoenix, Arizona. - 9 months ago

"It was chewy but good!"

Jodi Gillians completed Semper Fi Chalet at the Miramar Air Show. - 9 months ago

"It was amazing! Great seats and wonderful buffet with all the free Diet Coke my heart desired :)"

Jodi Gillians added Semper Fi Chalet at the Miramar Air Show to her bucket list. - 9 months ago

"To honor my father"

Michelle Hudson added a photo to Finish university and attend graduation on her bucketlist. - 9 months ago

After the graduation ceremony

Michelle Hudson completed Finish university and attend graduation. - 10 months ago

"I completed my Registered Nursing on 17/07/2017. I went to graduation on the 17/09/2017. My mum and dad came over from Tasmania to watch me graduate. They spent a couple days letting me show them ar more"

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Jodi Gillians added Eat rattlesnake at Rustlers Rooste in Phoenix, Arizona to her bucket list. - 10 months ago

"My graduation party!!!"

Jodi Gillians added Eat at 10 Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives restaurants to her bucket list from Pete R - 10 months ago

"I love this show!"

Jodi Gillians added Graduate with my MSN with an Emphasis in Nursing Education to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"Almost there! October 13th, 2017!!!"

Jodi Gillians added Stay in an underwater hotel to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"to see if I could watch the fishies"

Jodi Gillians added Eat at Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"looks great!"

Jodi Gillians added Try SNUBA on Catalina Island to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"looks like a blast!"

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