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Go Skydiving

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(97) People Have This On Their Bucket List

Lindsay Horesis

I have an intense fear of falling, so I would love to get ov ...more

Ben Post

Even though I have spent years rock climbing, I am very afra ...more

Nicole Freihof

although I'm afraid of heights

Cory Williams

I would have never jumped out of that plane if the sweet lit ...more

Jason Tant

Did this last weekend for my 30th birthday!

David Hunt

Done. Want to do some more of it. One time in college went w ...more

Corey Bornt

The rush has to be amazing

Hannah Simmons

I have a fear of heights, so to over come my fear I want to ...more

Joshua Minton

It sounds exhilarating. Plus if people are doing this in the ...more

Tori Bryan

Mann I know that would be exhilerating.

Cherie Leavitt

Just sounds fun =)

Greta Gonzalez

The nearest way to fly!


AaHhh. Lets hope I don't chicken out

Vishal Upadhayay


Tiffany Williams

Surprise bday present from Franky poo

Donmarie Barradas

At Pepperell Skydive Center with Nicole Spencer

Brandon Hutton

Scattered my Mom's ashes @ 13,000ft

Emily Wargel

I've always wanted to do this, but I'm terrified of heights.

Tiphaniee Keefer

I think it would be fun even thought i'm slightly afraid of ...more

kelly Christopherson

For my 25th birthday!

Johnny Gonzales

Always been a dream of mine to do top 5!

Jodi Sodini

gotta catch up with my friend and his >500 jumps!

Aaron Eastham

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane... seems legit.

Ayush Goel

Para gliding couldn't do what it should have, let's give thi ...more

Ashley Holden

My mom has always wanted to, but medical reasons now prevent ...more



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