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Live a debt-free life

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live in a different country for a year  -  01/31/11 (Hannah Simmons)

✔Hold Up A Free Hug Sign  -  05/24/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Be financially free from having to work - (3) people

✔Life-Size  -  06/01/14 (Lance Garbutt)

See The Foo Fighters live - (2) people

Write a letter to each of your children telling them what you want them to know about your life and the lessons you’ve learned - (2) people

Go see John Mayer live  -  07/11/10 (Dan Flynn)

Live in Japan and Learn Japanese  -  11/07/10 (Annaleisa Delacour)

See Flo Rida Live  -  02/05/15 (Lance Garbutt)

Watch every Shakespeare play live  -  07/10/12 (Chowder Col)

Live overseas for an extended period of time  -  11/06/10 (Joshua Algie)

Make a family of my own with all of the important people in my life  -  12/28/12 (Miranda Hogan)

Visit/live on a commune  -  04/15/15 (Emme Schowalter)

SEE A COMEDIAN LIVE - (2) people

Enroll in Still Life/Architecture Drawing/Painting Program  -  06/10/12 (James Brennan)

eventually see my grandma live her life happily after I move out  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Complete "Life" the great puzzle challenge  -  11/10/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

own 3 dogs through there full life span  -  01/22/11 (mckinley p)

live through 9th grade  -  05/01/11 (taylor thompson)

live in chicago  -  11/24/10 (Anika Shane)

See Pearl Jam Live - (2) people

✔See Blackstreet Live  -  11/19/16 (Lance Garbutt)

Risk my life to save another's - (5) people

Live in a foreign country for six months  -  06/01/10 (Rachel Prendergast)

Live in New York for at least a year  -  10/07/10 (Kyle Wood)

Change Someone's Life - (5) people

See The Fratellis live  -  07/07/14 (Marsha Roberts)

See P!nk live  -  06/28/10 (Amanda Horne)

Live in a foreign country for (at least) 1 year  -  10/29/13 (Jannelly Figueroa)

simplify my life  -  08/23/11 (Megan T)

Live in a spanish speaking country for a month or more  -  05/28/10 (Jessica Engwis)

See the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian live(:  -  04/05/11 (Autie Barnes)

Find my life's passion - (2) people

See Hole live  -  07/07/14 (Marsha Roberts)

Live without the Internet for a Week  -  04/20/14 (Steve Morris)

✔See Gallagher Perform Live  -  04/26/14 (Jodi Gillians)

Attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live - (6) people

✔See The Hives Live  -  11/07/15 (Lance Garbutt)

Go to see a live Sumo wrestling fight in Asia  -  07/30/10 (AH & LW)

✔See Peter Helliar Live Comedian  -  07/14/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Live by a lake, the beach, or a pond  -  05/28/12 (Jenny Bock)

Live by myself - (2) people

Change Somebody's Life  -  01/29/14 (Steve Morris)

go around a busy area with a free hugs sign  -  06/12/12 (Amelia Johnson)

Live free of HVS for at least a year  -  06/03/10 (Missy Muyot)

See X - Factor Live  -  09/28/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Attend a live studio audience at a television show  -  08/02/10 (Nicole Rawn Brewer)

See Adele Live - (2) people

See REM live - (2) people

Be totally debt free  -  06/23/10 (Jan Orga)