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“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” – Gerard Way

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Beth R added Kiss under mistletoe to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"I had kiss in the rain and new year's kiss, may as well complete the standard movie trifecta. "

Beth R added Skydive to her bucket list. - over a year ago

"I know it is cliché, but I see no reason not to put it on my list too"

Beth R updated her story to Go surfing on her bucket list. - over a year ago

"Corey took me in August. The waves weren't really right for it. Technically I can say I went surfing, but I wasn't really successful, so I don't want to cross this off yet. "


Beth R completed Go zip lining. - over a year ago

"Went to a tree top obstacle course with zip lining in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend. It was a ton of fun. I would still like to go over the rainforest or something like that one day, but as of now, I more"

Beth R completed Learn to longboard. - over a year ago

"It was roughly this time that I had my first board and was going out frequently with puppy and his friends to long board. This was the second time I really went out by myself to do it for any form of more"


Live Stream for Beth
Susan F completed Eat Texas Toast in Texas (Texas). - 12 hrs ago

"My aunt passed away and we went down to Corpus Cristi for her memorial. After the memorial my uncle had a big dinner planned with Texas BBQ and of course Texas Toast was there, complete with all the f more"

Susan F completed Eat Swiss Cheese in Switzerland (Switzerland). - 12 hrs ago

"We went to Switzerland (and France) for our 5 year anniversary and we had to have some fondu! We got 2, one traditional (with Swiss cheese) and one conventional. I have to say, traditional was best! "

Susan F completed Visit Ohio. - 12 hrs ago

"We drove there here and stopped in Cleveland. We went to a baseball game, we tried to go to A Christmas Story House but it was memorial day and it was closed. We ended up going to the zoo. We had a gr more"

Susan F completed John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway (Moose, Wyoming). - 12 hrs ago

"This is in between Yellowstone and the Great Teton Mt. We didn't see much but it is beautiful land!"

Susan F completed Jenny Lake (Great Tetons National Park, Wyoming). - 12 hrs ago

"We drove by Jenny Lake on our Yellowstone trip. We stopped to take pictures but it started to rain so we didn't stop for long!"

Susan F completed Go to the famous Irma Hotel (Cody, Wyoming). - 12 hrs ago

"We went here on our Yellowstone Trip! We stayed in Cody, we watched a gun show outside the hotel and than we ate dinner there another night. So much history!"

Susan F completed Miller Brewing Factory (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). - 12 hrs ago

"My mom came up to watch O and the hubs and I had a little 2 day escape to Milwaukee! It was a fun tour and they give you free beer at the end!"

Susan F completed Go to the Texas State Fair (Dallas, Texas). - 12 hrs ago

"We went to Zach and Lindsey's Wedding in Austin so we stopped in Dallas to go to the State Fair!"

Susan F completed Sturgis (Sturgis, South Dakota). - 12 hrs ago

"We stopped here on our trip out west. We went to the Harley Shop and I got a picture there. My dad went to Sturgis a bunch of times before he passed away."

Susan F completed Visit the Corn Palace (Mitchell, South Dakota). - 12 hrs ago

"We were driving out to Rapid City and we had to stop and see the Palace made of corn!"

Susan F completed Crazy horse Statue (Crazy Horse, South Dakota). - 12 hrs ago

"We saw this after we went to Mount Rushmore. It's not complete and they've been building it for a long time. The visitors center is nice but the statue is far from being done. "

Susan F completed Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). - 12 hrs ago

"We went here while in Philly. We took the subway there and O thought that was the best thing! We were at the museum for a long time and then we went out to the burbs to have dinner with my aunt, uncle more"

Susan F completed Sesame Place (Langhorne, Pennsylvania). - 12 hrs ago

"I've wanted to take my daughter here ever since I heard about it. She had so much fun it was priceless! It was super cold so we didn't do too many water things but O got pulled in to dance in the para more"

Susan F completed Go to Hershey's Chocolate Factory (Hershey, Pennsylvania). - 12 hrs ago

"I've been here twice but June 2017 was the first time. We went as a family and did everything but the 4D movie. I went back a 2nd time in October 2017 with just my hubby and we did everything again an more"

Susan F completed Visit the Gettysburg Battlefield and say the Gettysburg Address (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania). - 12 hrs ago

"We visited and I read the Gettysburg address off of a statue. Unfortunately right after we left here and went to Hershey, I lost my purse which had my camera in it and I lost all of the photos I took more"

Susan F completed Maid of the Mist (Niagara Falls, New York). - 12 hrs ago

"I've been on it twice now, this was the first time while I was pregnant on our baby moon. We went a second time with O in June of 2017"

Susan F completed Jamestown (Jamestown, New York). - 12 hrs ago

"I wanted to go here because my idol is Lucille Ball and she was from here. My hubby surprised me with a stop here on our way back home from our 3rd Niagara Falls Trip! We saw the museum, saw Lucy's gr more"

Susan F completed National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown, New York). - 12 hrs ago

"We drove through New York on our way to Niagara Falls so we stopped here and had a great time here! We spent about 4 hours (which is hard for a 4 year old!)"

Susan F completed Niagara Falls, Canadian Side (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada). - 12 hrs ago

"I went here with my hubby and daughter! We also went to the American side. We did the Hornblower, saw the rapids and did Journey Behind the Falls."

Susan F completed Write at least 20 pages of my new book idea. - 12 hrs ago

"I finished writing the first draft. Now to spruce it up and get it published!"

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