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Write a letter to each of your children telling them what you want them to know about your life and the lessons you’ve learned

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#57 Write a book - (5) people

Have a Life Long Partner  -  03/23/14 (Steve Morris)

39) SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE  -  01/20/12 (Marisa M)

Save a life - (56) people

1. Make a difference in at least one person's life  -  03/13/11 (Emma McD)

Complete "Life" The Great jigsaw Puzzle Challenge   - (2) people

Find What Makes Me Happy In Life - (2) people

Teach my children how to fight  -  08/16/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Have five children  -  05/04/11 (tom harry)

Write a book about our travels  -  11/05/13 (Susan F)

Eat Food for each Letter of the Alphabet: S  -  01/31/14 (Steve Morris)

Write a song and play it for someone on my guitar  -  01/09/13 (Jodi Gillians)

✔Go Swimming Lessons With My Daughter Indie - Rose  -  04/01/18 (Lance Garbutt)

Write an autobiography of someone I know personally  -  07/11/12 (Chowder Col)

Be a Relay for Life team captain... again :)  -  07/11/11 (Beth R)

Inspire my children to follow their dreams - (4) people

The Living Edens - Ngorongoro: Africa's Cradle of Life  -  08/25/10 (Steph R)

Write first novel  -  07/02/10 (Tadd Mencer)

get something published in a science journal or write a non-fiction book  -  04/18/12 (Tanja Magasin)

scuba dive in the ocean, where there is a lot of marine life  -  11/24/10 (Anika Shane)

To write a song  -  12/20/10 (Matt Halter)

Save somebody's life  -  11/07/10 (Steven Barrlott)

Write my life autobiography - (2) people

Eat Food for each Letter of the Alphabet: P  -  01/31/14 (Steve Morris)

Have Past Life Regression  -  03/23/14 (Steve Morris)

The Living Edens - Costa Rica: Land of Pure Life  -  08/25/10 (Steph R)


Eat Food for each Letter of the Alphabet: X  -  01/31/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Write at least 20 pages of my new book idea  -  07/13/14 (Susan F)

marry & have children with the love of my life  -  01/08/12 (Elizabeth Allison)

Make a difference in someone's life - (3) people

Write a children's book with my boys as the main characters  -  12/15/10 (Elissa R)

take cooking lessons  -  01/18/12 (Kara Willis)

Have a life interesting enough to have a daily blog - (3) people

Run for my life - (3) people

See a real-life kangaroo  -  09/17/11 (eRic Bekhard)

Find my purpose in this life - (2) people

write the story of my life - (4) people

Take vocal lessons - (2) people

Take Someone I am Close to Washington DC and Teach Them All I Learned  -  06/21/11 (Megan Nicole)

Write a love letter to everyone important to me  -  06/17/10 (Jamie Praslicka)

Get Ice Skating Lessons  -  05/01/11 (Bethany Seddon)

Write my first book  -  05/16/10 (Kristy Kieda)

44. Take my children to Disneyland someday  -  12/12/10 (Shane Nolan)

see a real life Van Gogh painting  -  09/23/13 (L. Waldorf)

watch the wonder pets with my children  -  08/24/11 (Megan T)

sacrifice my life for another's  -  12/13/11 (Tyler Maltsberger)

Create a Life Cast of a Part of my Body - (2) people

Take horseback riding lessons - (3) people