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Tell someone i love them and mean it

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✔Tell my mom that I love her - and mean it  -  06/28/12 (Jessica Gregor)

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✔Karma Sutra Postion - The Kiss That Kindles Love  -  01/25/16 (Lance Garbutt)

Sleep under the stars with someone I love - (2) people

Throw a HUGE party with everyone that I love and care for - (2) people

Love others than to myself  -  11/04/10 (Jorge Laurence Eleazar)

Experience love at first sight - (2) people

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Tell the people I love that I love them  -  11/01/11 (Lisa Jones)

Love Leads the Way  -  04/27/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Put a love padlock on Pont des Arts in Paris  -  06/01/11 (Ashleigh Potential Maturity)

Fall In Love - (56) people

✔Have a woman say she's in love with me  -  07/08/10 (Diana Giraldo)

learn I love you in 50 languages  -  07/27/12 (samantha newcomb)

spend Christmas with the man I love  -  11/01/12 (maryanne dubreuil)

Fall helplessly and unconditionally in love  -  11/07/10 (Steven Barrlott)

Write a love letter to everyone important to me  -  06/17/10 (Jamie Praslicka)

Love life beyond all measure  -  07/08/10 (Diana Giraldo)

Raise my girls to Love God and be Kind to People  -  05/30/11 (Heather Novak)

Attend Germanys love parade - (2) people

Find Love  -  07/16/12 (Zoe Grimm)

Find love in a hopeless place  -  03/30/12 (Noor Hafizah)

✔Fall in love at least once in life  -  08/18/11 (Alex Sidney)

Write Love Letters to My Wife  -  09/22/10 (S. Dean T.)

I Love You, Man  -  10/01/15 (Lance Garbutt)

play in the rain with my love  -  03/24/12 (maryanne dubreuil)

Love Never Dies  -  09/15/14 (Lance Garbutt)

To Love and Be Loved at the Same Time - (2) people

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away¬†  -  09/13/14 (Lance Garbutt)

To get married to the love of my life - (7) people

Give mom a dozen of roses and tell her its just because I love her  -  08/01/10 (Irene Irene)

tell someone i love them - (2) people

✔Love Bug, The  -  04/18/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Write a letter to everyone that I love  -  08/26/10 (Stephanie Brennan)

Make someone I love a birthday cake  -  03/25/12 (Leo Andre)

Have a job that I love  -  12/12/10 (Elissa R)

Love myself  -  11/03/12 (Lyndsay Licata)

find a career i love - (2) people

Fall in love with someone and love her until death do us apart - (2) people

Grow old with someone I love - (2) people

✔See Beatles Love Show  -  09/11/19 (Corinne ~)

✔Finish my list of 100 reasons why I love him  -  09/21/12 (maryanne dubreuil)

Find a job I love - (8) people

Forty-Love  -  10/26/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Be able to say I love you in 100 Different Ways  -  03/29/11 (Autie Barnes)

get married to my girlfriend, the love of my life  -  04/18/12 (Tanja Magasin)

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Marry the Love of My Life...You know who you are  -  12/10/17 (Len Murtha)

✔Adam Sandler - Punch - Drunk Love  -  02/16/14 (Lance Garbutt)