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Name:Megan Beeching
City/Town:Fort Wayne


Something About Megan
Megan's Mission Statement
Spread some joy. Learn new things. Have a ball.


Megan's Interests
Program manager
Spend time with friends and family, cook, try new foods, camp, learn, help people, listen to music, yoga, swim, play with my pets, collect records
I love so many bands I cant list them all!! Some of my top favs are:
Led Zeppelin, Jimi, Incubus, Manchester Orchestra, Tool, Emenem
TV Shows
The Office, SATC, Swamp People, Food network, old cooking shows with Julia Child, Parenthood, and yes, my guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore haha
Favorite Movies
Most documentaries
Favorite Books
I've had my nose in schoolbooks so long I don't know what it's like to read for fun anymore!


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