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Help People Check Off Their Lists

Share ideas to help people check off things on their bucket list.

created on 10/27/2010 11:43 am by Sara Vander Ark

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Stephanie Brennan

If anyone is looking for a pen pal, I already have one, but I wouldn't mind more. I LOVE the whole idea of getting letters in the mail. =]

01/15/2011 01:20 am


Tori Bryan

I would love to have pen pal. can you tell me how I can get one??

03/30/2011 03:19 am

Sarah Diehm

I wouldn't mind having a pen pal... I'm 25 but I still think it would be a pretty cool idea... if you're interested email me @ and we can exchange addresses...

02/21/2012 12:13 am

reyna cadwell

Wanna be pen pals?:)

09/15/2012 07:44 pm

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Megan Beeching

The only task Im not sure about how to make happen is "attending a movie premire or other VIP event" I'm from a small town and do not have those kinds of connections - I dont even know how to get into clubs in Chicago lol where I'm from, you just stand in line and wait for your turn---you dont have to know the bouncer or anything. ANY help would be appreciated!!!!

11/16/2010 08:30 pm


Kham Inthammavong

You may have better luck in Vegas or New York.

11/16/2010 08:39 pm

Megan Beeching

It's easier in those places than LA Im guessing?? Does anyone have a good connection in these locations??

12/20/2010 08:38 pm

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Nelson Ng

My friend Cathy told me about this organization before and I am checking them out as well. I like to share my home repair skill for people who needed it.

10/28/2010 11:13 am

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Kham Inthammavong

I have 'Raise money for charity' and 'Volunteer for a good cause' on my list. Anybody have any ideas or is currently working on something that I can be a part of?

10/27/2010 12:14 pm


Brandy Layne

My favorite non-profit is Habitat for Humanity. They build homes for low income families. They have many things you can do: help build homes (even if you don't know how), you can help them raise money, or be on one of their many committees - family selection, fund raising committees, etc.

10/27/2010 01:09 pm

Kham Inthammavong

Thanks Brandy,

I will definitely look into that. Test out my lack of home improvement skills :)

10/27/2010 01:17 pm

Heidi McIvor

One of the first Saturday's in April, my family walks in the MS Walk. To raise money & awareness for MS. My aunt passed away from it and my step father has been diagnosed too. I have met a LOT of people who have friends and family with it. If you guys are interested, you can join our team to walk.

Also...Dan's father passed away last december from Lung Cancer complications and there are lots of awareness walks & events in Michigan (and around the US) for that too.

11/12/2010 10:26 am

Kham Inthammavong

Heidi, count me in. Do they allow strollers, lol.

11/12/2010 02:43 pm

Beth R

Relay for Life! It was one of the best experiences of my life, I felt like I had an impact and felt really accomplished after. I started planning for the next one the day after it ended. It is awesome, tons of fun, at times really emotional, there is a beautiful ceremony, fun activities/chalenges, a really great cause and you can do it with friends and family. You can cross off both items on your list with this event.

07/11/2011 05:27 pm

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