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Laurie Fletcher completed Ride in a Hot Air Balloon. - over a year ago

"Bachelorette weekend in Temecula with my cousin Liz. Beautiful!"

Laurie Fletcher completed Ride a Horse at Full Gallop. - over a year ago

"Galloping through vineyards through the countryside in the Loire Valley in France. Such an amazing feeling!"

Laurie Fletcher added Swim With the Manatees to her bucket list. - over a year ago
Laurie Fletcher added Havasu Falls - Arizona, USA to her bucket list from Lance Garbutt - over a year ago

"I just learned about this place today. It sounds challenging and amazing and right up my alley! Can't wait!!"

Laurie Fletcher completed Hike Saddleback Mountain / Santiago Peak. - over a year ago

"Started at the street (not the trail head) adding an additional 5 miles for a grand total of 24+ to the top and back. Beautiful view, but a little hazy, so I think I'm gonna have to do this again too more"


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