Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson


About Michelle:
I love hanging out and going to the beach and surfing even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have had a bucket list since 2005. I'm slowly crossing thing ...read more

Mission Statement:
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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Bucket List Item Information

Sky Dive

"It will be awesome."

Completed on 06/05/2012

"The scariest and most awesome thing I have ever done in my life. I can't wait to go again. "

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The last two on the list cracked us up.
added on 06/06/12 07:20 pm

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Us five crazy people all went by ourselves so we took this to remember who we jumped with.
added on 06/06/12 07:18 pm

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Landed with out injuring anything :-D
added on 06/06/12 07:14 pm

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They told us to look out for whales and sharks
added on 06/06/12 07:13 pm

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Checking out the view below
added on 06/06/12 07:10 pm

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Awesome View
added on 06/06/12 07:09 pm

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Sykding and loving every minute of it.
added on 06/06/12 07:07 pm

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Just off the plane
added on 06/06/12 07:06 pm

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Getting on the Plane
added on 06/06/12 07:04 pm

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