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have a huge water balloon fight

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Fly in a hot-air balloon  -  11/18/10 (Nat zoy)

Participate in a pillow fight flash mob  -  01/02/12 (Angie Quinby)

Attend the international balloon festival in New Mexico - (2) people

Deep Water (DW) Exercises  -  12/14/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Have a water balloon fight - (3) people

Finish Fight Club  -  01/04/15 (Alisha Ellis)

✔Pour a bucket of water on someone from a rooftop  -  08/02/14 (Esther Joy)

White Water Raft Grade 5 Rapids Zambezi River Africa  -  07/11/10 (Neal Bailey)

Ride in a hot air balloon (to do)  -  08/07/11 (Susan F)

Throw a huge party  -  07/18/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Water Float Launch  -  09/28/11 (Michael Moro)

Hydra – “The Water Serpent”  -  08/20/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Do the tomato fight in Bunol, Spain - (3) people

Participate in the world's largest water gun fight, the Songkram Festival (Songkram, Thailand)  -  11/05/13 (Susan F)

Jungle water slide at Buenavista (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)  -  04/12/16 (Susan F)

Be in a huge food fight - (2) people

Go up in a hot air balloon - (7) people

Own a salt water aquarium - (2) people

Play hide and seek on a huge store  -  06/09/12 (Katie Cramatte)

Jump off a cliff into deep water wearing a dress  -  08/13/10 (Kate Torres)

Water gun fight  -  06/09/12 (Katie Cramatte)

rope swing into water - (4) people

See a cock fight  -  07/24/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Drink only Water for Seven Days  -  12/14/17 (Pete R)

Swim in all Lake district Lakes: Wast Water  -  08/03/12 (Steve Morris)

Balloon safari  -  10/27/10 (Aadiilah Sophiia)

Have a paint fight - (8) people

Have a snowball fight - (6) people

One week in over-water bungalow in Bora Bora - (2) people

Take a fight class  -  06/02/10 (Kirsty Burgess)

Ride in a hot air balloon without a tether - (2) people

To sail a rowboat across a body of water  -  12/21/10 (Matt Halter)

Go skinny dipping in a natural body of water  -  08/14/11 (Jessica wallis)

Have a pillow fight (to do)  -  07/14/11 (Susan F)

Swim in all Lake district Lakes: Derwent Water  -  08/03/12 (Steve Morris)

See a shark shoot out of the water  -  07/16/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Go white water rafting in West Virginia  -  04/29/10 (Kristy Kieda)

Water Zorbing - (2) people

Own a house/apartment by the water  -  08/03/10 (Irene Irene)

Get into a bar fight in Ireland  -  07/21/11 (Kristin jkfdjsio)

Participate in Songkran, The world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s New Year's Festivities  -  05/17/12 (David Roush)

Take a trip in a hot air balloon  -  06/07/10 (Shannon Lynn)

live on the water  -  07/01/10 (Amy D)

Have a airsoft gun fight in a cornfield  -  05/17/12 (David Roush)

Have my very own waterfall or other similar water feature - (2) people

go to a the giant pillow fight in MN  -  07/24/11 (Avalon Peterson)

Stage a fight  -  12/31/11 (Julie S)

✔Swim in all Lake district Lakes: Coniston Water  -  08/03/12 (Steve Morris)

Kilauea Volcano where lava meets water (Big Island, Hawaii)  -  02/19/16 (Susan F)

Ask out a boy I have a huge crush on  -  05/07/11 (Stephanie G)