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Stand at the top of a light house

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✔Stand on top of a mountain  -  08/02/14 (Esther Joy)

✔Visit Butterfly House in Coffs Harbour  -  03/26/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Como House and Gardens  -  11/19/13 (Lance Garbutt)

visit the White House - (5) people

Stand in John Waynes footsteps  -  11/10/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Build a cob/strawbale house  -  05/26/10 (Sarah Jane)

Go to Amsterdam's red light district  -  07/25/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Stand on the international date line - (5) people

Stand on the equator - (9) people

✔sneak out of house  -  08/04/11 (Shay Cook)

get my house crystal clean  -  08/24/11 (Megan T)

Do stand up  -  09/22/10 (N T)

Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  -  06/20/14 (Susan F)

✔stand up to someone doing wrong  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

✔Go to Moscow, Russia and stand in the Red Square  -  09/23/15 (Jodi Gillians)

stand on the shore of the 5 great lakes - (2) people

Own a House with a Patio  -  02/21/14 (Steve Morris)

Make a gingerbread house  -  06/03/12 (Rebecca Orbegoso)

Stand on an Island in Lake Maitou on Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron  -  04/03/14 (Steve Morris)

Stand on the JFK grassy knoll of Dealey plaza (Dallas, Texas)  -  02/11/16 (Susan F)

Onan's Pyramid House in Illinois  -  07/13/17 (Jennifer Rodriguez)

Sell my house  -  01/03/11 (Mandy Koontz)

Dine under the Opera House sails at Guillaume at Bennelong  -  11/23/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Stand in center of Four Corners of USA  -  04/02/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Play Betrayal at house on the hill  -  09/19/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔at a redlight, get out of the car and dance in the street then get back in the car before the light turns green  -  10/24/10 (Katelyn Scherbarth)

Have a lemonade/hot chocolate stand  -  02/22/15 (o f)

The Light in the Forest  -  04/04/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Admiralty House  -  03/26/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Stand on Stage in Front of Thousands of People  -  04/03/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Stand in two states at the same time  -  12/14/17 (Pete R)

See the Northern Light  -  08/30/11 (Michelle -)

have a house with a patio  -  08/24/11 (Megan T)

Build a straw bale house  -  01/02/12 (Angie Quinby)

✔Go picking like American Pickers in an abandoned house  -  08/02/14 (Esther Joy)

Historic Mt Victoria Toll House  -  03/26/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Gledswood Homestead Lantern Light Ghost Tour  -  03/27/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Light my Own Fart  -  04/06/14 (Steve Morris)

Visit a Hammam (Turkish bath house) (Turkey)  -  11/27/11 (Susan F)

Visit a "Hunted House"  -  02/28/14 (Steve Morris)

Fascinating Beach House in Bora Bora Island, France  -  01/13/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Anne Frank house  -  06/14/11 (James Vavreck)

Drive more then 20 hours away from my house  -  12/01/10 (Geoffry Govertsen)

Stand in Times Square  -  07/08/14 (Marsha Roberts)

Stand in the Middle of Britain  -  04/03/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Sneak out of the house while my parents are asleep  -  12/11/11 (Karen T)

House of Sand and Fog  -  10/01/15 (Lance Garbutt)

Purchase John Dillinger's Gun Smith's House  -  04/20/11 (Kayla Spann)

Eat at a chicken and waffle house  -  07/25/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Help build a house - (3) people