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Make 17 free throws in a row

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make a pizza from scratch - (4) people

Make my own chicken soup  -  12/26/10 (Urszula J.)

Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome - (3) people

Make a quilt out of all of my old MSU shirts - (2) people

Forgive the people that have done me wrong; manage to make my life a complete clean slate, as if I've never been hurt - (3) people

Make wine - (2) people

Learn to make homemade mac n' cheese  -  07/11/12 (Chowder Col)

make or help make sombody else's dream come true - (4) people

make a Hole-in-One  -  08/04/11 (Shay Cook)

Watch newborn sea turtles make their way to the ocean  -  10/13/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Make a model plane  -  07/24/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Make Lip Balm  -  10/02/16 (Lance Garbutt)

Make a Model Aeroplane  -  02/20/14 (Steve Morris)

Make Home Made Sunburn Spray  -  09/29/16 (Lance Garbutt)

make my own website - (3) people

make my own butterbeer  -  02/19/13 (Cassandra Bielecki)

✔Make Hedgehog Slice  -  10/03/16 (Lance Garbutt)

make my own pasta from scratch  -  10/18/11 (Gemma Campbell)

Make and FINISH a scrapbook - (2) people

Make a snow angel - (8) people

072. Make a train trip through Europe - (2) people

Make a music video clip with my bestie Ashley to our fav song 'DELIRIOUS'  -  04/13/11 (Maake-Ena Afitu)

make a wish on a shooting star - (7) people

make vanilla pudding, put in mayo jar, eat in public  -  05/20/12 (Erin Doyle)

Make ammends with those whom I've hurt  -  07/01/12 (Adam Gregor)

Make £250 off the Stock Market  -  04/19/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Make Homemade Icecream  -  11/05/13 (Lance Garbutt)

make a documentary film - (3) people

Make my own moccasins  -  08/16/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

37. Make a complete idiot of yourself in front of a large crowd  -  12/12/10 (Shane Nolan)

Make an elaborate kite  -  08/21/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

✔Learn to Make Fire with Sticks  -  06/13/11 (Laurie Fletcher)

✔make a stranger laugh  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Make a book  -  06/21/14 (Katherine H)

Make Home Made Mold and Mildew Preventer  -  09/28/16 (Lance Garbutt)

learn what makes each of my friends happy...and then try to make it happen - (2) people

Make enough money to stop worrying about not being able to go somewhere  -  03/17/13 (Kaytee Tessier)

Make a floating raft that holds me and Courtney up  -  07/05/11 (Devan Zajac)

56. make a vodka melon and eat enough to get drunk  -  10/10/10 (Mazzi wheatley)

Make a Timeline/Journal of important events in my life - (4) people

Make homemade wine - (2) people

Make My Own Preserves - (3) people

Make a hole in one - (3) people

Make a piece of art and hang it in my home - (2) people

make a time capsule for my baby  -  08/24/11 (Megan T)

Make a list of New Year's Resolutions - (2) people

Make a Piece of Jewellery  -  02/20/14 (Steve Morris)

Make a difference in someone's life - (5) people

Cement project 10 - make large square with house number  -  09/19/16 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Make a life altering decision on a dice roll - (13) people