Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson


About Michelle:
I love hanging out and going to the beach and surfing even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have had a bucket list since 2005. I'm slowly crossing thing ...read more

Mission Statement:
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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Bucket List Item Information

Swim in a public foutaine

"And try not to get arrested."

Completed on 07/02/2014

"I got up at 0400 to catch the train so I could do this. I'm not sure if its illegal but it is frowned upon. So I thought it was best to do it early. It wasn't really deep enough to swim and was far to cold. It was just me and the duckies splashing around. After about 5 minutes my feet went numb so I got out."

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Cami Juel

And not get arrested :P



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