Nathaniel Long

Nathaniel Long


About Nathaniel:
I live to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a Southern Baptist. I enjoy working in a variety of services, and have taught morality and dialect more

Mission Statement:
I live to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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4. Write a novel about life in America

"I am a writer, though I have avoided focusing solely on this work. Even now, I do not wish to put aside everything else (stop caring for my children) and focus on writing. However, I have written all my grown life and have seen it as a strong tool in my outreach to others, Christians and non-Christians alike. I believe the Lord would like for me to put together a novel. I will see what I can do towards that end when my youngest child gets pretty much on his own. Full revelation: I am not sure that I will not adopt children in the future, either. This could provide a conflict. However, it is easy to see that I will not stop writing. I merely need enough time alone to focus on this one considerable task. "

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