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Amber Pleasant added See the HOLLYWOOD sign in California to her bucket list from Stacey Ellis - 8 months ago
Amber Pleasant added #6. Go on a Cruise to her bucket list from Annette White - 8 months ago
Amber Pleasant added See Mount Rushmore to her bucket list from Stephanie Brennan - 8 months ago
Amber Pleasant added See the Grand Canyon to her bucket list. - 8 months ago
Amber Pleasant added Visit Las Vegas to her bucket list from Carolyn H - 8 months ago


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Susan F completed Eat Texas Toast in Texas (Texas). - 14 hrs ago

"My aunt passed away and we went down to Corpus Cristi for her memorial. After the memorial my uncle had a big dinner planned with Texas BBQ and of course Texas Toast was there, complete with all the f more"

Susan F completed Eat Swiss Cheese in Switzerland (Switzerland). - 14 hrs ago

"We went to Switzerland (and France) for our 5 year anniversary and we had to have some fondu! We got 2, one traditional (with Swiss cheese) and one conventional. I have to say, traditional was best! "

Lance Garbutt completed Cook Naked. - 14 hrs ago
Susan F completed Visit Ohio. - 14 hrs ago

"We drove there here and stopped in Cleveland. We went to a baseball game, we tried to go to A Christmas Story House but it was memorial day and it was closed. We ended up going to the zoo. We had a gr more"

Susan F completed John D Rockefeller Jr Memorial Parkway (Moose, Wyoming). - 14 hrs ago

"This is in between Yellowstone and the Great Teton Mt. We didn't see much but it is beautiful land!"

Susan F completed Jenny Lake (Great Tetons National Park, Wyoming). - 14 hrs ago

"We drove by Jenny Lake on our Yellowstone trip. We stopped to take pictures but it started to rain so we didn't stop for long!"

Susan F completed Go to the famous Irma Hotel (Cody, Wyoming). - 14 hrs ago

"We went here on our Yellowstone Trip! We stayed in Cody, we watched a gun show outside the hotel and than we ate dinner there another night. So much history!"

Susan F completed Miller Brewing Factory (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). - 14 hrs ago

"My mom came up to watch O and the hubs and I had a little 2 day escape to Milwaukee! It was a fun tour and they give you free beer at the end!"

Susan F completed Go to the Texas State Fair (Dallas, Texas). - 14 hrs ago

"We went to Zach and Lindsey's Wedding in Austin so we stopped in Dallas to go to the State Fair!"

Susan F completed Sturgis (Sturgis, South Dakota). - 14 hrs ago

"We stopped here on our trip out west. We went to the Harley Shop and I got a picture there. My dad went to Sturgis a bunch of times before he passed away."

Susan F completed Visit the Corn Palace (Mitchell, South Dakota). - 14 hrs ago

"We were driving out to Rapid City and we had to stop and see the Palace made of corn!"

Susan F completed Crazy horse Statue (Crazy Horse, South Dakota). - 14 hrs ago

"We saw this after we went to Mount Rushmore. It's not complete and they've been building it for a long time. The visitors center is nice but the statue is far from being done. "

Susan F completed Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). - 14 hrs ago

"We went here while in Philly. We took the subway there and O thought that was the best thing! We were at the museum for a long time and then we went out to the burbs to have dinner with my aunt, uncle more"

Susan F completed Sesame Place (Langhorne, Pennsylvania). - 14 hrs ago

"I've wanted to take my daughter here ever since I heard about it. She had so much fun it was priceless! It was super cold so we didn't do too many water things but O got pulled in to dance in the para more"

Susan F completed Go to Hershey's Chocolate Factory (Hershey, Pennsylvania). - 14 hrs ago

"I've been here twice but June 2017 was the first time. We went as a family and did everything but the 4D movie. I went back a 2nd time in October 2017 with just my hubby and we did everything again an more"

Susan F completed Visit the Gettysburg Battlefield and say the Gettysburg Address (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania). - 14 hrs ago

"We visited and I read the Gettysburg address off of a statue. Unfortunately right after we left here and went to Hershey, I lost my purse which had my camera in it and I lost all of the photos I took more"

Susan F completed Maid of the Mist (Niagara Falls, New York). - 14 hrs ago

"I've been on it twice now, this was the first time while I was pregnant on our baby moon. We went a second time with O in June of 2017"

Susan F completed Jamestown (Jamestown, New York). - 14 hrs ago

"I wanted to go here because my idol is Lucille Ball and she was from here. My hubby surprised me with a stop here on our way back home from our 3rd Niagara Falls Trip! We saw the museum, saw Lucy's gr more"

Susan F completed National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (Cooperstown, New York). - 14 hrs ago

"We drove through New York on our way to Niagara Falls so we stopped here and had a great time here! We spent about 4 hours (which is hard for a 4 year old!)"

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