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Most Popular Things To Do On Bucket Lists

Get a tattoo - 267 people

Swim with dolphins - 253 people

ride in a hot air balloon - 223 people

See the Northern Lights - 218 people

Send a message in a bottle - 207 people

Go on a cruise - 191 people

Get married - 190 people

Fly first class - 163 people

visit all 50 states - 156 people

Skydive - 152 people

Go White Water Rafting - 143 people

Donate Blood - 141 people

Ride a mechanical bull - 141 people

Ride an elephant - 141 people

run a marathon - 139 people

Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans - 135 people

Sleep under the stars - 134 people

Write a book - 131 people

Stand under a waterfall - 121 people

Go skinny dipping - 107 people

Go to Disney World - 106 people

Go Scuba Diving - 105 people

Visit all 7 continents - 103 people

Go on a helicopter ride - 101 people

learn sign language - 100 people

Tie a note to a balloon and let it go - 97 people

Learn to surf - 96 people

Go on a random unplanned road trip - 94 people

Bungee jump - 93 people

Graduate from college - 93 people

Go Skydiving - 92 people

Go Zorbing - 89 people

Milk a cow - 88 people

Be debt free - 88 people

Write a letter to my future self - 87 people

Take a photo every day for a year - 87 people

Throw a dart on a map and travel there - 86 people

Visit Niagara Falls - 84 people

See the Grand Canyon - 84 people

Plant a tree - 82 people

kiss in the rain - 81 people

Go Parasailing - 80 people

Go whale watching - 79 people

go to the airport and buy a ticket for the next flight out - 79 people

Learn to play Guitar - 78 people

Read the entire bible - 77 people

Go paintballing - 76 people

Travel to Australia - 75 people

Visit the Great Wall of China - 74 people

Ride a Gondola in Venice - 73 people

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