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Build a tree house

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Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, California)  -  02/23/15 (Susan F)

Visit the Whaley House  -  03/17/15 (Deana Littlebear)

Steal Furniture From Someones House  -  11/18/12 (Amanda Ricci)

Research and create a family tree  -  07/08/11 (Kara Thomas)

See the white house - (3) people

Own a house or property on a lake or river  -  01/10/13 (Tom Metcalf)

make a bar top for my house out of ticket stubs  -  07/28/10 (Laura Kennedy)

Find/Build my dream home  -  11/07/10 (Steven Barrlott)

137. Buy a house  -  06/29/11 (Jirrine Breedijk)

Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse  -  05/25/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Visit the White House at Christmasttime  -  09/18/10 (Elizabeth Boehringer)

Grow a Bonsai Tree - (2) people

Own a House with a Study - (2) people

Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  -  06/20/14 (Susan F)

Spend the Night in an overnight tree house  -  02/01/13 (David Asselin)

Build a snowman with my husband  -  07/10/10 (Sarah Divona)

Climb a big tree  -  12/31/11 (Julie S)

See a Rubber tree  -  03/29/14 (Steve Morris)

Build a Petrol mobility Scooter  -  06/18/14 (David Teasdell)

Paint a picture worthy enough to hang in my house  -  02/03/12 (Angela Shomion)

Have a pastel doll house like Kelly Eden  -  09/15/16 (Katrina Marchant)

clean my house on a regular basis  -  08/24/11 (Megan T)

Stay in a haunted house  -  08/06/11 (Toni Davies)

Build a piece of furniture from scratch  -  08/01/11 (Shannon Bieger)

Build an awesome sand castle - (2) people

plant a tree with my fiancee in England  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Help build 20 Habitat for Humanity homes  -  10/22/10 (Brandy Layne)

TEEPEE A HOUSE - (2) people

See the Sydney Opera House - (4) people

Own a nice house - (2) people

✔Buy a gift for a child on an angel tree at Christmas time  -  02/26/15 (o f)

Have my Dream House - (2) people

✔Go to a real Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon  -  09/15/15 (Corinne ~)

Build a Go-Kart  -  12/22/11 (Lyz Betz)

✔Stay in a SF style house in San Francisco  -  09/16/11 (Corinne ~)

Own a beach house - (4) people

Make a family tree out of pictures on my wall  -  12/27/15 (Susan F)

✔Go picking like American Pickers in an abandoned house  -  08/02/14 (Esther Joy)

Have a library when i move into my own house  -  04/10/11 (Maake-Ena Afitu)

Grossmann House and Bragh House - Maitland  -  03/26/13 (Lance Garbutt)

✔See Kirribilli House From Water  -  03/26/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Tea Tree Beach  -  04/20/14 (Lance Garbutt)

smash the windows in a house or car - (2) people

Build an epic treehouse for my [future] kids  -  12/04/10 (Stephanie G)

Build a Habitat for Humanity Home - (33) people

Go to the Wade House (Greenbush, Wisconsin)  -  02/23/15 (Susan F)

Have an entire Michigan State room in my house  -  07/29/10 (Joseph Clark)

House a forgein exchange student for a year  -  03/29/11 (Autie Barnes)

build a model plane,car and boat  -  08/21/15 (Pete R)

Tree top walk in Estonia  -  05/27/13 (Lance Garbutt)