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Go to the mall of America

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✔Hamish And Andy South America  -  08/11/14 (David Teasdell)

Drive across America from coast to coast - (2) people

Visit America - (4) people

Backpack around South America  -  09/22/10 (N T)

Go to North Americas largest shopping mall  -  09/02/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

visit all central america countries  -  10/31/15 (Jason Eustice)

Go to The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota  -  07/05/11 (Devan Zajac)

Go To MOA (Mall Of America)  -  06/30/10 (Jason Williams)

Drive across America, coast to coast  -  05/11/10 (Tayler Martin)

Go to the World's biggest mall  -  03/29/11 (Autie Barnes)

Travel up the Pacific Coast of America to Alaska  -  05/12/13 (Sherri Campbell)

20. complete a coast to coast road trip in America or Australia  -  10/10/10 (Mazzi wheatley)

✔edmonton + west ed. mall  -  08/05/10 (S K)

play hide and seek at mall - (2) people

go to the mall  -  06/22/12 (Alayna Reed)

✔Shop at Mall of America  -  09/28/10 (Cassandra Jones)

#14 Don't spend too long in America  -  12/07/11 (Klo Bowden)

See the United States of America united as one  -  01/16/11 (Bridget Mullen)

20. Drive across America coast to coast - (3) people

Travel all, if not most, of the United States of America  -  06/17/11 (barry white)

Travel through South America  -  07/10/10 (Ashley Valencia)

Go to the largest Mall & Waterpark in the World in Edmonton, Canada - (2) people

Drive across America coast to coast - (9) people

Go backpacking in South America  -  07/05/11 (Lance M)

Travel around South America - (2) people

✔mall of america  -  08/05/10 (S K)

Ride in an RV across America  -  07/31/16 (Susan F)

Backpack through South America - (2) people

Road trip across America - (3) people

Travel through South America for some weeks  -  12/28/13 (Benjamin Fischer)

Visit Mall of America - (3) people

Dress as Captain America  -  09/09/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Fly With Virgin America - (2) people

take a vacation not in North America  -  03/29/12 (Jennifer Collins)

Become President of the United States of America  -  12/29/10 (Michael Hill-Jackson)

Play hide and seek in the mall  -  06/09/11 (Cynthia T)

Audition for American Idol/America's Got Talent  -  11/15/10 (Lindsay M.)

Go to america with amy and renee  -  09/15/16 (Katrina Marchant)

Backpack in South America  -  01/27/14 (Steve Morris)

Go to Wahlburgers in America  -  11/29/13 (David Teasdell)

The Secret Transit Codes of America's Highways  -  09/16/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Go to the Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota)  -  11/23/11 (Susan F)

Visit the worlds largest mall  -  08/16/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Go to America - (6) people

Organize a flashmob of everyone singing "Friday" at the mall  -  03/30/11 (Shaun Grace)

213. Go to the Mall of America and buy myself senseless  -  10/29/11 (Jirrine Breedijk)

Take naked pictures in a mall photo booth  -  05/23/12 (Casey Courtright)

Patagonia is a region located at the Southern end of South America, territory shared by Argentina and Chile, boasting some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth  -  05/27/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Climb the Highest Peak in North America - Denali  -  01/29/14 (Steve Morris)

visit all 50 states in America - (7) people