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Attend an Award show

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attend coachella - (6) people

53. Attend the marriage of a couple I don't know  -  11/25/10 (Jordan Sims)

Attend a sporting event in a different state  -  10/14/11 (Jeffery Michael)

Visit a Fashion Show  -  02/28/14 (Steve Morris)

Attend a Russian ballet - (3) people

Attend an Iron and Wine concert  -  06/17/11 (Russell Doiron)

Watch all Oscar award winning movies: Rocky  -  03/30/14 (Steve Morris)

Attend Holi Festival in India  -  01/16/12 (Toni McEvilly)

Attend Olympic event  -  03/20/11 (Cheryl Warbington)

Watch all Oscar award winning movies: Braveheart  -  03/30/14 (Steve Morris)

Be Called up on Stage at a Show  -  01/27/14 (Steve Morris)

Attend a summer music festival - (2) people

attend a San Diego Chargers home game  -  06/08/10 (Joshua Stanley)

Be in the audience of the Tyra Bank's show  -  07/15/10 (Jessica Call)

see a show at the Moulin Rouge - (3) people

Attend a Penn State Football Game  -  07/01/10 (Rachel Storey)

Attend a film premiere - (3) people

Watch all Oscar award winning movies: The Best Years of Our Lives  -  03/30/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Attend an MMA Match  -  12/04/10 (j nadonza)

Attend an Olympic event - (4) people

Attend a Concours d'Elegance  -  07/10/12 (Chowder Col)

Attend a black tie event  -  08/01/22 (Megan Beeching)

Motorcycle show  -  03/20/11 (Cheryl Warbington)

Show my significant other Orvieto (Orvieto, Italy)  -  07/10/11 (Susan F)

Attend a Unique Small Town Festival - (2) people

Attend a Jason Mraz concert  -  03/20/11 (Kasper Kay)

Attend the Ascot Races in England - (2) people

To attend Loy Krathong in Thailand - (3) people

✔Attend a hot air balloon launch at night  -  07/08/12 (Jessica Gregor)

Attend a gig - (2) people

Take all my grandchildren on a family vacation in the Caribbean--doesn't matter what island--to show them how great life is and how big the world is  -  05/24/11 (Shirley Clark)

Do a show like Fear Factor or RW/RR challenges  -  07/10/10 (Ashley Valencia)

Attend an auction - (3) people

Attend a World Cup soccer match  -  03/27/11 (Annie H,)

Attend a world class soccer game  -  07/30/11 (Elvis Rye)

Show olive (as close as we can) camp Casey and Dongducheon (Dongducheon, South Korea)  -  02/22/15 (Susan F)

Audience member of The Ellen Degeneres Show  -  11/16/10 (Gemma Provan)

Attend Up-Helly-Aa in Scotland  -  11/10/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Sydney Royal Easter Show - (2) people

Attend a Boston College vs. Notre Dame Football Game  -  08/10/10 (Brad Brennan)

Be on a TV Show as an 'Expert'  -  01/27/14 (Steve Morris)

Go to a drag show - (3) people

Attend the Roadkill Festival  -  07/07/14 (Marsha Roberts)

Be on a TV. Show  -  01/27/14 (Steve Morris)

Attend an Adam Lambert concert  -  12/30/11 (Marika Witt)

Attend Sturgis Motorcycle Rally  -  12/28/12 (Miranda Hogan)

Attend a Christening - (4) people

Attend Stagecoach music festival  -  04/07/17 (Megan Nicole)

Attend 100 Plays/Musicals - (2) people

Attend a NASCAR event  -  07/06/10 (Kate Mora)