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Go to at least one concert every year

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Live abroad for 1 year  -  10/24/10 (Petra Joy)

Fill my Concert Ticket Book  -  06/14/11 (Ashley D.)

✔Maroon 5 Concert  -  01/17/14 (Megan Nicole)

fill out a questionair about yourself one year later fill out the same questionair and see if anything has changed  -  02/15/11 (Julie S)

358. Start a Gratitude journal and write 5 things everday for a year  -  03/16/11 (Emma McD)

✔See Steve Martin In Concert  -  08/09/13 (Jodi Gillians)

✔Go to Concert  -  08/04/11 (Shay Cook)

go to a goo goo dolls concert  -  07/25/10 (Lawrence Kazinsky)

30th Year Anniversary – Pearl  -  08/08/17 (Lance Garbutt)

get a promotion within this year ( As a Project Manager)  -  07/30/12 (Justin Concepcion)

Spend a year learning about and celebrating holidays from around the world  -  12/26/14 (Carrie G)

draw something every day for a year  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Make a new years resolution and complete it by the end of the year - (5) people

✔Keep all of my Target Gift Cards for one year  -  09/14/15 (Susan F)

Live in New Zealand for 1 year  -  09/14/10 (Cory Williams)

Make a New Year's resolution and stick to it  -  02/04/12 (Kaylee Meek)

Read for 60 minutes every day for a year. :)  -  02/20/11 (Emily Rose Addams)

See the Toadies in concert  -  03/29/11 (Autie Barnes)

60. Take a picture every day for a year  -  11/25/10 (Jordan Sims)

See The Script in concert  -  04/19/11 (Autie Barnes)

Go To A Taylor Swift Concert - (2) people

Read/ Listen to 200 Books in year - (4) people

16th Year Anniversary – Silverware  -  08/07/17 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Go to Brad Paisley Concert  -  06/11/12 (Corinne ~)

Run every day for a year  -  05/20/11 (Alisa Dean)

See Madonna in concert in another state  -  02/03/12 (Angela Shomion)

for one year go all out on every major holiday  -  08/24/11 (Megan T)

See Bruno Mars in concert - (2) people

Attend an Adam Lambert concert  -  12/30/11 (Marika Witt)

✔Keep a pen for a year  -  11/03/12 (Lyndsay Licata)

New Year's Resolution Fun Run - Harold Stevens Athletic track, Coburg, 12km, January  -  01/11/14 (Lance Garbutt)

After a year of bucket list, hold a dinner party for all my female friends  -  10/23/10 (Bekki Richens)

✔See Lady Antebellum in Concert  -  04/26/14 (Jodi Gillians)

See A Day To Remember in concert - (2) people

Be at Time's Square for on New Year's Eve - (3) people

Earn over 100K in a year  -  11/28/10 (Tyler Lesan)

Work at Halloween Hooror Nights one year  -  01/13/15 (Brooke Sheppard)

See Jason Derulo in concert - (2) people

✔Write everyday in a Journal for an entire year  -  10/01/10 (j nadonza)

Go to a Lady GaGA concert dressed up  -  03/28/11 (Autie Barnes)

go to the gym at least once a week for a year  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

✔go to a lifehouse concert  -  07/25/10 (Lawrence Kazinsky)

New Year's Eve in New York City  -  12/28/13 (Benjamin Fischer)

Write a blog for an entire year - (2) people

Celebrate Holidays People don't Know too Well for a Year  -  01/29/14 (Steve Morris)

Go to a Regina Spektor concert - (4) people

Celebrate 40 year anniversary - (3) people

See Daft Punk in concert  -  11/07/10 (Steven Barrlott)

Write in a journal everyday for a year  -  08/14/11 (Jessica wallis)

Celebrate 50 year anniversary - (3) people