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Teach a class

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Johanna O

About anything, maybe floral design.



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✔Take A Class In Boxing  -  10/12/13 (Lance Garbutt)

105. Take an acting class  -  03/13/11 (Emma McD)

Teach my child how to whistle  -  07/28/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Attend a Painting Class  -  01/27/14 (Steve Morris)

Teach my child how to fish  -  08/22/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Teach in Finland  -  08/14/11 (Georgina Young)

take a cooking class in France and/or Italy - (2) people

Teach someone to swim - (2) people

✔Teach My Dog to Sit At a Distance  -  02/21/17 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Attend a martial arts class for at least 2 years  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Take a hip-hop dance class  -  09/19/10 (Jessica Mallow)

✔Take a Class in Muay Thai  -  09/22/14 (Lance Garbutt)

take pole dance class  -  11/24/10 (Katherine Rush)

Teach a dog tricks - (2) people

Take a fight class  -  06/02/10 (Kirsty Burgess)

painting class - (2) people

Take Someone I am Close to Washington DC and Teach Them All I Learned  -  06/21/11 (Megan Nicole)

Take a pilates class  -  02/04/12 (Tami K.)

buy a parrot. teach it to say, "help! i've been turned into a parrot!"  -  05/20/12 (Erin Doyle)

Randomly pick some kind of class to try (like a cooking class) even if its not something you would normally do  -  03/31/11 (Katt Bajjani)

Plate Spinning Class  -  01/09/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Live on a College Campus and Teach Undergrads  -  06/10/12 (James Brennan)

Teach my children to appriciate everything more than I do - (2) people

Teach a child how to do something - (2) people

Take a "dancing" class  -  08/29/11 (Karen Farley)

Take a sign language class  -  11/15/10 (Lindsay M.)

Teach My Dog Chase Recall  -  02/17/17 (Lance Garbutt)

Take a cooking class somewhere wonderfull in Europe  -  01/19/11 (Misty Hawes-Owen)

Learn to kayak Class C rivers  -  12/08/11 (Erin Womack)

Teach someone to read - (2) people

Take Self Defense Class - (2) people


Teach my dog to roll over - (2) people

Attend a class reunion in a costume  -  01/24/11 (eRic Bekhard)

Take cooking class  -  09/07/20 (Kara Willis)

Take a Yoga Class - (5) people

Teach My Dog to Carry the Shopping  -  02/16/17 (Lance Garbutt)

Teach My Dog to Take a Message  -  02/17/17 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Teach My Dog to Wave  -  02/17/17 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Teach Someone How To Drive A Car  -  05/17/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Take A Class In Jiu-Jitsu  -  10/12/13 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Build A Mosiac Class  -  03/02/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔First Class Train Ride  -  04/02/13 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Teach My Dog No Barking  -  02/16/17 (Lance Garbutt)

Teach my children basic gymnastics  -  08/01/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Experience a Yoga Class  -  03/30/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Take A Class In Kung Fu  -  10/12/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Take a class on making stain-glass art  -  11/29/10 (Melissa McKay)

Teach Swedish to foreign students  -  07/13/10 (Sara KA)

Teach My Dog Advanced Recall  -  02/21/17 (Lance Garbutt)