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Plant a herb garden

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Start community garden(s)  -  08/20/10 (Shiloh Williams)

Go to the historic garden week in Virginia  -  04/23/12 (Melissa Stoltz)

Collect all Robert Rankin First editions: The Garden of Unearthly Delights  -  04/12/14 (Steve Morris)

Drum Bridge, Japanese Tea Garden (San Francisco, California)  -  11/20/17 (Susan F)

Visit a rose garden - (2) people

have a flat with a secured garden for our cats  -  04/18/12 (Tanja Magasin)

Have my own fruit and veggie garden  -  12/08/11 (Erin Womack)

Adelaide Botanic Garden  -  04/02/13 (Lance Garbutt)

International Rose Test Garden (Portland, Oregon)  -  02/21/17 (Susan F)

Grow trees from seed, plant and track via GPS  -  08/20/10 (Shiloh Williams)

Visit the Zen garden of Kyoto  -  07/08/10 (Diana Giraldo)

The Heights Heritage House and Garden  -  11/19/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Plant a spice and herb garden  -  04/23/12 (Melissa Stoltz)

Have every square inch of our 4-acres look beautiful and worthy of a garden tour (or wedding)  -  11/16/10 (Melissa McKay)

Things to do before you're 11 3/4: Plant it, Grow it, Eat it  -  02/21/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Herb Garden  -  04/17/13 (Lance Garbutt)


Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden  -  04/03/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Participate in the New South Wales Royal Agricultural Society Easter Show - Biggest Agricultural Show in the Southern Hemisphere. I Compete in Flower & Garden  -  04/19/14 (Lance Garbutt)

plant bomb random areas with seeds of needed plant life  -  12/27/15 (Jaimee-Leigh Wignell)

Visit Magnolia Plantation and Garden in South Carolina  -  06/15/11 (Michael Hill-Jackson)

Create an herb garden - (2) people

grow an herb garden and keep it alive - (4) people

Start and maintain a vegetable garden  -  08/26/10 (Stephanie Brennan)

Drive an Item of Heavy Plant Equipment (E.G. JCB)  -  01/31/14 (Steve Morris)

See Sound Garden Live - (2) people

Stangate House and Garden  -  11/21/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Plant a tree - (85) people

✔explore Garden of the Gods in Illinois  -  04/15/12 (Jennifer Rodriguez)

Learn how to: Garden  -  02/22/14 (Steve Morris)

Grow a Herb Garden  -  03/29/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Hongkong Bank Oriental Garden  -  04/17/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Tea garden near Mt. Fuji in Japan  -  05/27/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Have my own garden - (2) people

✔Visit Virginia robinson Garden  -  06/11/11 (j nadonza)

Have a Beautifully Landscaped Garden  -  03/23/14 (Steve Morris)

62. Plant a tree  -  12/09/14 (Michelle Anne)

Plant an oak tree  -  07/10/12 (Chowder Col)

grow a (successful) garden  -  07/31/10 (Aki McKenzie)

Berlin Zoological Garden  -  10/04/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Steal a garden gnome then return it - (2) people

Grow a hydrangea garden  -  01/03/11 (Dream Big!)

Start new plants by mastering every method of plant propagation  -  11/29/10 (Melissa McKay)

Have a plant and not kill it  -  04/03/11 (Catherine April)

Build a water garden in the back yard  -  04/23/12 (Melissa Stoltz)

rose garden  -  08/21/15 (Pete R)

✔See Monet Garden in France  -  08/25/17 (Corinne ~)

Plant sunflowers  -  07/08/11 (Kara Thomas)

085. Go to a botanical garden  -  06/29/11 (Jirrine Breedijk)

Create a secret garden hideaway in my yard  -  04/23/12 (Melissa Stoltz)