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Visit a real castle

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(49) People Have This On Their Bucket List

Mae Babcock

Possibly spend the night in one.

Heidi McIvor

I just planned a trip for one of my members to Ireland and t ...more

Feminist Girl86

I would LOVE to do this before this time next year!

David Gerdevich

did this one while in italy

Jennifer Molenda

I went to the Casa Loma in Canada

Fiona Campbell

Edinburgh Castle (1998) and Cawdor Castle (1998).

Amanda Melville

There is a Melville castle in Scotland I believe..if like to ...more

Miranda Hogan

I'm not picky where.

Janel Meyer

1998 - several on a trip to Europe. Frankenstein Castle in ...more

Tonco Smolar

Orava Castle, Slovakia

Stephanie Martens

We stayed in a defense tower in Ireland, as well as visiting ...more



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