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Crispy chicken breast

Using my new cookbook... It doesn't really look so good, but it didn't taste burnt...

Kham Inthammavong

12/30/2010 11:07 am

Way better than what I can do.

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I have TREAD!!

Woohoo! Merry Xmas to me..

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The Rocky Mountains


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Leaving for Colorado in the morning. What a hassle it has been to find a ride to the airport but I finally did.

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Magic Hat #9 fortune

Just a nice Saturday night spent listening to music :)

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Went to see the movie Black Swan tonight. Best movie I've seen all year!

j nadonza

12/15/2010 01:11 am

i went to the red carpet AFI release at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. She was stunning.

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Sushi & beer


Kham Inthammavong

12/20/2010 10:40 pm

Ahh, one of my top choices for beer.

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Good investment for $1.96

I've been so busy... and the past few days have sucked. I'm going to Scruffy Murphys in Winter Park tonight to drink with some friends.. then maybe I'll line up these shot glasses at home and throw back some vodka? lol... Sound dangerous.

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I <3 penguins

Been super busy - missed a couple days but that's okay.

Ornament exchange at work today - this is what I got! So adorable!!

Stacy McKee

12/09/2010 11:10 am

Awww thats sooo cute!!!

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Acoustic show at McRaney's in Winter Park

Tony Lucca, Matt Duke, and Jay Nash

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Decorating a bit for Christmas

Didn't do much today either

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Made a scrambled egg sandwich

Stayed in for most of the day

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Did a little shopping :)

I *meant* to get my law enforcement discount today at Dillard's but instead I went into Victoria's Secret and redeemed a few of my special offers. The stuffed dog and the black tank top were free and I got another $10 off. Gotta love being an Angel ;)
I'll get my discount at Dillard's tomorrow... lol. Hoping to find some good boots.

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