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5km + Dress As Santa

Weekend just gone i had my work christmas party nothing out the ordinary to add to my list there but on sunday i did a 5 km fun run for Variety to raise money for mobility dressed up as Santa Claus The Run Started in Darling Harbour Sydney and Ended on the Steps Of The Most Beautiful spot in Sydney on the steps of sydney opera house with a view of the harbour and the harbour bridge in the background and on the other side of it the royal botanical gardens

David Teasdell

12/06/2013 06:30 am

Awesome Mate

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Electric Run + Dj Alison Wonderland

A Great experience 5 km's with a night of dancing and excitement with all the glow sticks i won dance off's before the race and had great night even thou it was pooring down rain like no tommorrow .only a couple things but at least more off the list :)

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Name Art , Animated Self and Baking Muffins

Not a whole lot this week just got my last name done in name art looks awesum a chinese style with images thru your name , baked muffins for first time to tick it off the list somthing simple yet been to lazy to give it a go haha was just to easy buy it from shop already made up , and animated carton of myself did on a new facebook application - Bitstrips

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7 Bridges Walk and Sculptures By The Sea

Hey Guys Yeah had alot walking this weekend feet killing now but was good to say i have conquor it did 6 km's with the Sculptures By The Sea at The Famous Bondi Beach then i did a massive 27 km's walk for 7 bridges Walk to help raise money for Cancer Council i was a nice walk but alot hills and bush walks and 7 bridges you walk accross throughout sydney

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Neon Run , Lonely Planet Collection and Go Pro Camera

Hey Guys,

Just update what got up to on weekend knocked few more off my list got last 5 books to my lonely planet discovery collection that are available at present also brought the amazing go pro camera to get some up close pictures and video's of my adventure bucket list items and i had awesum weekend Dancing at the Neon Run 5km's Run + 5 hr of dancing was really great night out glow sticks and glow gear around Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney looking forward to do it again.

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Historic Houses And Learning Tarot Reading

Hey Guys ,
Didn't Do A Whole lot this weekend mainly just relaxing after a busy week watching the Bathurst 1000 ,all thou I did get to have a go at learning how to read Tarot Cards intresting with what came out of it when I flipped the cards.
Explored 2 Historical House In Sydney Region the Sussanah Place Museum On The Rocks and The Rose Seindler House Out in Hornsby.

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New Tastes, Big Ships , And Computer Games

Hey Guys ,
This long weekend i was able to do a few more things off my list i tasted lebanese food for the first time not big fan of it but least i've tried it now .
Also went into Sydney Harbour to see the marvelous Royal Australian Sydney International Fleet Review with all war ships around the city and the fun and excitement of the EB Games Expo trying out some of the latest in gaming .

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Starting A Blog , Old Ships , Brick Walk and A Bit A About Why I'am Here

Hey Guys Today was intresting day I walked the Brick Pit Ring Walk of Homebush, Sydney Home of the Sydney Olympic Games then walked along Homebush bay to see all the 102-Year-Old Abandoned Ships.
Also brought some more Lonely Planet Books for my collection and starting a Blog to tick that off my list too I'am planning to adventually reach 5000 things on my bucket list i know its a very long way to go but so far iam almost at 3000 so i'am getting there slowly and completing them as i go for the past year i have been doing one or more off my list every week.
If you guys can think of anything not on my list feel free to give me a message would love to give anything a go.

Signing out for the night Thanks Lance

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