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Graditude Journal entry #3

today i am greatful for...

1. My mom bringing gizzards to work, they are amazingly delish! ;)
2. my mother's computer, it is so much easier to get on than my own
3. my time to think at work, the ability to just sit in my head for a while is delightful..
4. my Boss, Barb she is awsome... when she says we are leaving at 9:35 she means it!
5. apple juice, for so many reasons, it is a scrumptious beverage.

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Gratitude journal: DAY 2

Today i am greatful for:

1. Christmas Lights going up all over town.. it's GREAT!!
2. the fact that i dont need to apply for a VISA to visit Haiti for 7 days
3. family that realizes the importance of mission work and are supportave
4. my friends having the other twilight books that i can borrow
5. the internet

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Gratitude journal: DAY 1

1. DWTS... and Derek Hough
2. that i waited 'till (most) of the twilight craziness was over before i started the first book..... i didnt want to like it just because everyone else was hyped over it.. but i do admit it is a vortex of a read.
3. yarn sales.. im kinda obsessed right now (creating 1,2,maybe 3 projects daily)
4. youtube + Dharma and Gregg = my new obsession
5. the new 3.8 liter v8 engined 2013 Mustang that runs up to 300mph MMMMMMM... ;)

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