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Kham Inthammavong


About Kham:
New look on life, more fun and less work.

Mission Statement:
Some way some how I want to be a part of making a positive difference in everyone's life.

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The Golf Course All To Myself.

Tee time at 8:50am. But showed up at 8:00am and played a few holes by myself. It was great, nobody was out there and had the whole course for me.

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The Smurfs

We went to see The Smurfs in 3D. Jayeanna loved it and Braedyn was pretty good for being his first movie.

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Coast Guard Festival

Took the family to the Coast Guard Festival for some fun at the beach and carnival.

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Rain, Rain, Rain

Big storm coming today. Good thing I got 9 holes done in the morning.

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Beeh's Birthday at El Ranchos

Got drunk and full with the crew.

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Marine Land

Took a trip to Marine Land before heading back home.

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Water Park

Had fun with the kids at the waterpark on top of the hotel.

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Maid Of The Mist

Got soaked with the family on Maid of the Mist.

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Heading out to Niagara Falls

7.5 hour drive accross the border to Niagara Falls.

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End Las Vegas With A Bang!

Winner Winner!!

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Las Vegas Day 2

The Trouble Crew.

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Las Vegas Day 1

Just chillin with the fellas.

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Should I Go Gambling

Driving this morning, I think my car is trying to tell me something.

Theresa Owens

06/16/2011 12:29 pm

Thats my lucky numbers! Go buy a lottery ticket or go to Vegas quick!

Kham Inthammavong

06/16/2011 12:33 pm

@Tasha, I am actually going to Vegas next Thursday. Hope this is a good sign.

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I think today is the official start of summer for us. Finally some nice weather. Took the hammock out to relax.

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Grand Rapids Arts Festival

Went to the Arts Festival in Grand Rapids Today. Just had a Bosnian Kabob.

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New Toy

Braedyn is loving his new toy as his sister just pushes him all over the place.

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Memorial Day by the pool.

What a nice day, just spent all day with the kids by our little pool.

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Finishing up the weekend at Boyne Mountain

Wow, what a weekend, golf Friday evening and then up to Odawa Casino. Won 280 bucks with the $25 gift voucher. Then played 36 holes of golf on Saturday. The Monument and Crooked Tree. Which adds 3 more golf courses to my list.

Here is a pic from the 16th tee box at Crooked Tree.

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Heading To Boyne Mountain

On the way up Boyne Mountain, we had some time to waste so Mike and I decided to stop by Eldorado Golf Course and play a quick 18 holes.

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Braedyn's Birthday Gift

Braedyn enjoying his birthday gift from Aunt LeeLee.

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Mother's Day

Took the wife and kids to the Tulip Time Carnival. Had a great time.

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Gas Prices!!

Just thought I would share this to remember this day.

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My Little Bruce Lee

Braedyn with his battle wounds.

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Happy Easter

Jaye had fun with Easter egg hunt. BBQ at LaLa and Roberts house.

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Winner Winner

Another successful night at the Gun Lake Casino, I can handle this everyweek!

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Finally got done setting up my basketball hoop that I got for my birthday.

Good thing because the its been so long the jumpshot was off.
Now I can just practice more.

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Had a fabulous birthday today.

Wife treated me to golf, got my basketball hoop and a steak dinner.

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Good friends and good times

Went out with some friends on Saturday. Lets just say I had some drinks. :)

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Golf Season Begins

Played my first round for the year. Started off really bad, got a triple bogey on the first hole. But ended up with a couple birdies and an eagle.

Ended up with an 80, not been for the first round.

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Pumping Some Iron

Did some extra working out today. Getting ready for the summer.

Man, I'm soooo sore.

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