Michelle Hudson

Michelle Hudson


About Michelle:
I love hanging out and going to the beach and surfing even though I'm pretty bad at it. I have had a bucket list since 2005. I'm slowly crossing thing ...read more

Mission Statement:
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

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Capture lightning in a photograph


Completed on 02/02/2015

"we have had thunderstorms the past few day, so I was determined to get a picture. 400 pictures later I got a couple really good ones. I love thunderstorms. the sound of the thunder, the smell of the rain and the flash of light. it gets my heart pumping. it's just awesome."

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The best lightning photo
added on 02/03/15 08:27 am

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Michelle Hudson

"Not sure why that one went sideways 😣"

The Lightning was so bright it looked like day
added on 02/03/15 08:24 am

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Lightning off in the distance
added on 02/03/15 08:21 am

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