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Drive a Ferrari F40  -  06/19/14 (David Teasdell)

drive a dog sled  -  08/02/10 (phil guerreiro)

Drive from Maine to Florida in the Fall to see the Fall colors  -  07/03/14 (Aimee Cser)

Drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee  -  06/19/14 (David Teasdell)

Drive the Road to Hana again in a convertible  -  07/19/10 (Scott Johnson)

Drive on the Golden Gate Bridge  -  05/09/11 (Jordan Bermingham)

Watch every movie in the 501 must see movies book  -  03/28/11 (Katt Bajjani)

Drive the Autobahn  -  07/16/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Tour the house from the Christmas Story Movie in Cleveland - (3) people

Drive A Nascar Car  -  08/18/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Test drive a car i cant afford - (2) people

Drive A McLaren 650S Spider  -  06/21/14 (David Teasdell)

✔Watch the Movie "Bucket List "  -  03/26/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Watch the movie Bucket List - (2) people

Drive a V8 Supercar  -  03/30/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Drive on the Mount Washington Auto Road (New Hampshire)  -  12/31/15 (Susan F)

Drive cross country without a map  -  10/28/12 (Ebony Wilkinson)

Help produce or be in B+ movie  -  01/10/13 (Tom Metcalf)

Drive on the wrong side of the road in London  -  07/25/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Attend the midnight premiere of a movie - (4) people

Wolf of Wall Street movie  -  06/18/14 (David Teasdell)

Drive the entire Route 66 and stop at all the funky places  -  07/31/16 (Jodi Gillians)

Drive the entirety of PCH  -  04/27/11 (Johanna O)

Visit Movie World - (2) people

Drive a Subaru WRX  -  06/19/14 (David Teasdell)

Drive a dune buggy - (2) people

Walk through a drive-thru  -  06/09/12 (Katie Cramatte)

✔Do an all day (or weekend) movie marathon  -  03/15/15 (Susan F)

Drive a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa  -  06/19/14 (David Teasdell)

pay for a strangers meal in the drive-thru  -  10/26/10 (Will Garrott)

389. Go through a drive through and specify my order "To Go"  -  06/18/11 (Emma McD)

drive into a town I have never been to before by train  -  07/07/10 (arim g)

Drive down Blue Ridge Parkway (Asheville, North Carolina)  -  03/29/14 (Susan F)

Drive A Jaguar XE  -  06/21/14 (David Teasdell)

learn to drive a stick shift well (not so good now)  -  01/18/12 (Kara Willis)

Get Movie Review Published in a Magazine  -  02/05/14 (Steve Morris)

Watch a Silent Movie at Movie Theatre  -  04/07/14 (Steve Morris)

Drive 200 MPH - (4) people

Have an old movie marathon - (2) people

Pay for the person behind me at the drive-thru - (2) people

Have a movie made out of the book I wrote  -  07/20/10 (Brianne Johnson)

✔Inception movie  -  06/18/14 (David Teasdell)

Supercar Drive Central Coast  -  03/30/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Have 1 Day Where I Answer People's Questions with Movie Quotes  -  03/23/14 (Steve Morris)

Drive or own an all wheel drive sports car  -  07/10/12 (Chowder Col)

Movie Star For A Day  -  04/01/13 (Lance Garbutt)

✔No drive thru for a year. Will park and walk in  -  01/07/13 (j nadonza)

Drive a black 1965 Ford Mustang  -  12/22/11 (Renée )

✔See Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive  -  07/06/10 (Kate Mora)

Drive a JAGUAR F-TYPE  -  06/18/14 (David Teasdell)