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See the HOLLYWOOD sign in California

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Visit the Channel Islands of California  -  08/20/10 (Shanna Bruce)

Do a Hollywood homes tour  -  07/08/14 (Marsha Roberts)

Cabrillo National Monument (San Diego, California)  -  10/25/14 (Susan F)

Randy's Donuts (Inglewood, California)  -  03/11/17 (Susan F)

see the sunset from california  -  07/11/10 (Megan Collins)

Shop on Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills, California)  -  11/22/11 (Susan F)

Giant Red Wood trees in California  -  08/21/15 (Pete R)

Visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California  -  12/28/12 (Miranda Hogan)

Visit the Hollywood Sign - (2) people

Meet your favorite Hollywood star - (2) people

Visit every state in the US and take a picture with the "welcome to ______ sign"  -  05/09/12 (Katie Saulsgiver)

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (Thousand Oaks, California)  -  10/26/14 (Susan F)

Steal a Road sign - (6) people

Tour wine country in California - (2) people

Coit Tower (San Francisco, California)  -  11/20/17 (Susan F)

✔California Lighthouse in Aruba  -  02/02/19 (Corinne ~)

✔Go on a TMZ tour of Hollywood  -  05/08/14 (Jodi Gillians)

✔Drive up the California Coast in Convertible  -  09/16/11 (Corinne ~)

Visit Mono Lake in California - (4) people

Hollywood Sign (California)  -  04/02/13 (Lance Garbutt)

hold up a sign that says free hugs and see how many i get  -  07/27/12 (samantha newcomb)

Travel all the way down Route 66 (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California)  -  08/07/11 (Susan F)

Touch the Hollywood Sign  -  01/04/15 (Alisha Ellis)

Visit Hollywood - (5) people

Add An 'I' to a 'To Let' Sign  -  01/26/14 (Steve Morris)

Go on a road trip up the California coast  -  08/05/11 (Karen Farley)

✔See death valley (California)  -  07/14/11 (Susan F)

See a street sign with my name on  -  08/24/11 (Matthew Baker)

Wine tasting in Napa Valley (Napa Valley, California)  -  02/02/15 (Susan F)

Move to California  -  06/04/10 (Amanda Bieger)

Yosemite National Park (Yosemite National Park, California)  -  10/26/14 (Susan F)

Meet someone at the airport with a sign - (2) people

go to King's Cross Station and take a picture with the sign that says Platform 9 3/4 - (3) people

Visit Lake Hollywood - (2) people

Go to the San Diego zoo (San Diego, California)  -  10/23/11 (Susan F)

Visit Yosemite Valley(California)  -  04/02/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Go to Big Sur (California) - (2) people

McWay Falls (Big Sur, California)  -  06/25/14 (Susan F)

Eat at Sur Restaurant (Los Angeles, California)  -  07/30/16 (Susan F)

Learn Basic Sign Language - (3) people

Salvation Mountain (Niland, California)  -  02/03/15 (Susan F)

✔See a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery  -  07/04/13 (Jodi Gillians)

Alcatraz Island (San Francisco, California)  -  04/02/13 (Lance Garbutt)

Learn Sign basically  -  10/30/14 (Chris H)

Venice Beach, California  -  09/01/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Take a picture next to a California Redwood tree  -  07/08/14 (Marsha Roberts)

Full House home (San Francisco, California)  -  03/08/15 (Susan F)

Swim in the: Gulf of California  -  03/30/14 (Steve Morris)

Visit Baja California and the Sea of Cortez  -  08/20/10 (Shanna Bruce)