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Walk the great wall of china

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Summer Palace (Beijing, China)  -  10/29/14 (Susan F)

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Take all my grandchildren on a family vacation in the Caribbean--doesn't matter what island--to show them how great life is and how big the world is  -  05/24/11 (Shirley Clark)

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Be a part of something GREAT :)  -  07/17/12 (Tami K.)

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✔MS Fun Run And Walk 5km's Sydney - June  -  04/29/14 (Lance Garbutt)

See the Li River (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.)  -  07/12/11 (Susan F)

Go to the Walk of Fame in CA  -  07/07/11 (Allison Penny)

Eat a grapefruit a day to see if it really has such a great influence on my skin and immunity  -  12/26/10 (Urszula J.)

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have a chinese in china  -  05/08/11 (Paul OSullivan)

Walk along the beach with a boyfriend  -  12/19/11 (Lyz Betz)

Wing Walk  -  12/11/11 (Nicole Chapman)

Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef  -  07/19/12 (Victoria Fiedler)


Get Scuba certified and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef - (6) people

become great at playing the guitar  -  04/25/11 (Natalie Screen)

✔Walk Around The Woodcroft Lakeside  -  05/08/14 (Lance Garbutt)

see 100 great bands play live - (2) people

See Wulingyuan Rocky Peaks (Hunan Province, China)  -  07/11/11 (Susan F)

Jenolan River Walk (Working Waters)  -  06/04/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Visit China Town  -  07/05/10 (Samantha Manfield)

see the great wall  -  05/29/10 (Renz Ong)

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Get a Great Dane Dog  -  12/28/12 (Miranda Hogan)

Renew or Develop five great friendships - (2) people