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be an extra in a movie

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Watch every John Wayne movie  -  11/09/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

Have a Movie Style Type of Reunion with Someone  -  03/23/14 (Steve Morris)

✔Alice In Wonderland "Movie Version"  -  05/25/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Bad Neibours Movie  -  06/18/14 (David Teasdell)

Watch All The Inbetweeners back to back including the movie  -  03/22/12 (Darran Brett)

Finish writing first movie script  -  06/08/10 (Tadd Mencer)

Watch a foreign subtitled movie at a theatre  -  07/10/12 (Chowder Col)

Watch a Silent Movie at Movie Theatre  -  04/07/14 (Steve Morris)

Be an extra in a film or television show - (5) people

Make a Documentary Movie - (2) people

Watch a movie at the Alamo draft house cinema  -  07/25/12 (Johnny Gonzales)

✔Muppet Movie, The  -  04/21/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Finish those extra rolls of film with Old Faithful  -  08/30/11 (Annie H,)

Memorize a horrible movie  -  01/30/11 (Kari Garcia)

Beauty and the Beast – The Movie  -  03/30/17 (Lance Garbutt)

Attend the midnight premiere of a movie - (4) people

Be an extra in a film or on Days of our lives  -  11/03/10 (Stacy R)

Go to the midnight premier of a movie  -  05/07/12 (jennifer m)

#13 Be an extra in a film  -  12/07/11 (Klo Bowden)

star in an adult movie  -  04/23/10 (bobby keopatthavong)

✔Cinderella "Movie Version"  -  05/25/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Run around an empty movie theater  -  12/15/13 (Annabel Taylore)

Watch every Disney movie  -  06/09/12 (Katie Cramatte)

Watch a movie at a cemetery  -  10/02/10 (j nadonza)

Watch the same movie for 72 hrs and see of it gets old  -  03/30/11 (Shaun Grace)

Attend a midnight movie premiere  -  01/04/15 (Alisha Ellis)

✔Experience The Stunt Driving Show - Movie World  -  08/20/16 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Watch a movie El Capitan  -  06/11/11 (j nadonza)

✔Watch A Black And White Movie  -  04/27/14 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Go to cinema's alone watch a movie  -  03/31/13 (Lance Garbutt)

✔Watch the movie Forest Gump  -  04/03/11 (Megan Nicole)

Go to Drive In Movie - (3) people

Be an extra in a television show or movie  -  01/03/12 (Emma Britton)

Watch an English Movie in London  -  12/28/13 (Benjamin Fischer)

134) GO TO A DRIVE-IN MOVIE  -  06/10/12 (Marisa M)

Go to the MTV Movie Awards - (2) people

✔Watch Silent Movie at Movie Theater  -  01/16/11 (j nadonza)

Go to a midnight premiere of a movie - (7) people

Make out in a movie theater - (2) people

have a disney princess movie marathon  -  10/24/10 (Katelyn Scherbarth)


Write a movie script - (2) people

✔Extremely Goofy Movie, An  -  05/25/14 (Lance Garbutt)

Watch a Foreign Movie  -  04/07/14 (Steve Morris)

Get Movie Review Published in a Magazine  -  02/05/14 (Steve Morris)

Watch every movie in the 501 must see movies book  -  03/28/11 (Katt Bajjani)

Watch a movie being filmed  -  03/23/17 (Susan F)

✔See the same movie twice in theaters  -  01/24/13 (Amber Donaldson)

✔Kiss in a movie theatre  -  08/01/14 (Esther Joy)

Attend a movie alone - (2) people