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Travel to Space. Seriously!

Was just thinking how crazy it would be for a "normal" person to travel to space. I think it's possible and intend to do so.

created on 05/27/2011 08:18 pm by shelton clark jr

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shelton clark jr

Interesting space tourism companies:

05/27/2011 08:34 pm

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shelton clark jr

New space port under construction in New Mexico.

05/27/2011 08:24 pm

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shelton clark jr

Step #1: Get debt free. Step #2: Save up a boat load of money. Step #3: Wait for space tourist tickets to come down to, around, $25,000usd. Step #4: Shed tears while looking down at the planet out of the space ship window.

05/27/2011 08:23 pm

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