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Runner's Group

runners of all skill levels! Brag, post your training runs, post your times, post your races! Inspire us all :)

created on 11/10/2010 02:45 pm by Charles Shurlow

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Misty Hawes-Owen

so I've signed myself up for a half marathon in August. It's a mountain terrain course through grizzly habitat and we have 5 hours to cross the finish, after wich they come out on ATV's and haul your ass off the mountain in an attempt to save you from getting eaten. lol. I'm not worried about finishing in the alloted time, but I'de like to do better than limping across the line at the last minute. I've always jogged kind of casually for my own pleasure, but I've never run toward a goal. We have about 3.5 feet of snow and -20 weather here right now so I'm running on a flat track inside twice a week. I'm up to about 7km in 40 to 45 minutes. I want to get out and run hills, but the snow wont go away here till sometime in May and I'm worried I won't be ready in time. Any suggestions or hints? Oh, I also do 1 hour of boot camp (core and strength training with some cardio thrown in) twice a week and yoga when I can...

03/11/2011 12:42 am


Kham Inthammavong

Wow, best of luck to you!!

03/11/2011 07:13 am

Misty Hawes-Owen

I completed the Emperor's Challenge half marathon on Aug 3rd, 2011 in 2 hours, 51 minutes and 17 seconds. I'm going back in 2012, want to make it 2:30...

11/08/2011 08:53 pm

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Charles Shurlow

Going to run the December 5, 2010 Las Vegas Marathon - Should be fun going down the strip!

11/14/2010 05:55 pm


Kham Inthammavong

I'll try to join you, for the Vegas part atleast, lol.

11/14/2010 06:11 pm

Shane Nolan

thats on my list..looks amazing.hoping to make it in 2011..was it incredible?

12/13/2010 01:33 pm

Charles Shurlow

Didn't get to do this one, but I did know some people that went. Their suggestion is to run the half, not the full. The half has quite a bit of excitement with the strip, but the full goes out into the desert w/o support and/or as much support.

12/13/2010 04:03 pm

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