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Eating with the local people world wide.

created on 12/28/2011 04:05 am

The way to discover the culture of a country is to meet and eat with the local people in their homes. A new website www.eatwithalocal.com connects travellers with local people willing to cook for them in their homes all over the world. If the host cannot cook at home they can choose to take the visitor out for a meal to their favourite restaurant.
I have enjoyed good food with members in Boston, Meredith, India, Marrakech and Brighton. It adds a new dimension to a holiday or tri
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Google Rolls Out New Search Tool for Recipes

created on 02/25/2011 10:20 am

Google began rolling out Thursday a new search feature that makes finding recipes on the web a little easier.

Dubbed “Recipe View,” the feature lets users filter search results according to ingredients, cook time, calories and more. Users can search, for instance, for recipes containing brussels sprouts, devised by chef Ina Garten, that take less than an hour to make. Pictures, ingredients and one- to five-star user ratings are highlighted in the listed results, helping users ...read more
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For Your Health: Eat Your Veggies

created on 11/29/2010 01:43 am

Consumption of fruits and vegetables has long been associated with lower risks of health problems such as cancer and heart disease, said Dr. Chaoyang Li of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta, in e-mail to Reuters Health.

However, it is still not clear which elements contribute to the health effects or how they do so, he added, pointing to recent studies that have found no apparent benefit for beta-carotene supplements.
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