Elvis Rye

Elvis Rye


About Elvis:
Getting older but I do not want to grow old regretting not living

Mission Statement:
Resume living my life

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Ride in an old plane

"I like old planes, trains and automobiles. Did the first two now needs to do the last one."

Completed on 07/30/2011

"First check in my list!"

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The entire family was in Ottawa for a day to visit the different museums. We were visiting the aviation museum when I saw that they were offering biplane rides. Took this opportunity to start ticking off items in my list. My son and I flew a 1939 Waco UPF-7. Was a great experience to fly in an open cockpit plane. My son was excited because he was flying in a plane similar to the one Indiana Jones flies in the first scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark. For me, it was to experience how people flew 70 years ago.


Preparing to get in
added on 07/30/11 11:50 pm

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