Geoffry Govertsen

Geoffry Govertsen


About Geoffry:
I love sports and being active whilst chilling with friends and being lazy. Music and movies are my weak point. Put down any type of animal in front o more

Mission Statement:
To get some organized fun in my life :)

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Bucket List Item Information

Kiss someone while listening to Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

"Its a weird dream/desire of mine..."

Completed on 01/15/2011

"Ok so maybe the kiss was a little weird and extremely intense, but I loved it :]"

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Story And Details

I got to Rocks - hot guy there - I was about to make a move when REALLY hot guy walks in - (Mr. Schoester from Glee hair mohawk, brown eyes, cut jaw, my height, ripped, HOT) - He introduced himself as Tyler - We danced - Teenage Dream came on and we kissed (FINALLY) - he offered to bring me to his friends house for the night - "YES." - we left the club 230 - (he's 18 and knows i'm 17) - i drove him and friend to her house - (huge! 3 floors and mansion) - we RIPPED each others clothes off in like 2 seconds - started having sex, and he broke condom, got a new on - (It was literally the loudest sex possible, he was so fucking big -_-) - he finished in like 20 minutes, lol. - we cuddled and talked and got horny...
THEN we did it again - a new condommm - this time for like 2 hours - even louder then beforeeeeeee - he made me (ew words) come just by doing me, no jerkin required, lmfao. Best. experience. ever.
Then we cuddled more and agreed that we liked each other blah blah he gave me head for 10 minutes (GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDD)
We talked more and decided that we have so much in common we should just date, and agreed to go out next weekend (TO AIR) lol
We went to sleep and he drove me home around 10. I still don't know where I was.........


Yeah sure! That's exactly what it was like!!!!
added on 01/15/11 11:28 am

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