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Jaw Then Ryan Paat

yung tunay aa, gusto ko sa neck! :) "Paat" nkalagay ... haha

lisa marie

near the ankle, preferably

Fiona Ryan

i really want one of a fav sayin on the back of my neck, i'm ...more

LaVonne Miller

am too scared

Neville Bendiola

I did it today on 1-1-11. It is the word "Free" because I a ...more

Stacy R

I finally got 3 stars on my back for my beatiful children

Jon Gamble

Some ink is kinda neat. Maybe something to remind me or insp ...more

Brianne Johnson

"Get busy living or get busy dying" from FOB.

Steph R

As above.

Valeriia Levine

A Henna one probably least for now ;)

Steven B


Kelly Slingerland

I want to get a tattoo of my husbands name (Jack) on my wris ...more


Bucket List No.60...done!

Allie Milnes

Although I haven't decided on what the tattoo will be, I kno ...more

Caroline Kulikowski

It was a spur of the moment thing, but I'm extremely content ...more

Bekki Richens

this one will have meaning....

Jason Tant

Did this...several times lol

Charles Shurlow

Maybe i don't know what will look good still in 40 years tho ...more

Amy E Borg

started in 07/03/2004 and continue to add

Kham Inthammavong

Dragon and wire.

Megan Beeching

I have two. One on my back of my grandpas initials. The othe ...more

Tyler Lesan

Hopefully one on my ribs and one on my tricep.

Geoffry Govertsen

MMMMMMMMMMMM gettin inked up

Mandy Koontz

I finally got it! Loved the drawing my artist did for me, it ...more

Madison DeJong

Something meaningfull

Misty Hawes-Owen

in 2005. my Tana tatt.

eRic Bekhard

I had the Zen circle on my left shoulder. The dude, who made ...more

Kari Garcia

I will never regret it.

margaret kraft

Jenny at Timeless Tattoos made this a remarkably unstressful ...more

Catalina Tang

woot i did it!! and i did it with one of my closest bestest ...more

Emily Rose Addams

I have a lot of ideas about what to tattoo... It would be ha ...more

Emma Britton

I've always wanted a tattoo, and now I know exactly what I w ...more

c mcph

Hard luck tattoos with Morgan.....ouch!!!

Diana Wong

Got a rose tattoo on the back of my left shoulder. So painfu ...more

Mariam Razvi

Tattoos are beautiful. I want one that's meaningful to me.

Laura Miller

I want to get a tattoo for my friend Jazmine Cope that recen ...more

Chelle Thomas

I done it! Never felt a single thing these people who moan a ...more

Angelo Rivera

Hurt like hell!!!

Elizabeth Essex

I went with my dad. This was my first tattoo. I now have 6.


I want to design something meaningful and inspirational to m ...more

Laurie Fletcher

Newport Tattoo shortly after I turned 18.

Russell Doiron

While sober, and one that I spend a lot of time considering.

Tawanna Rock

I have 5 but want 1 more. :-)

Donmarie Barradas

Dave Bates did my first tattoo of "To the stars through adve ...more


I've always wanted a tattoo but i've never really known what ...more

Keisha Peterson

I have 2 tattoos. This goal was finished before I made this ...more

Kara Thomas

In honor of Frances Melvina Ridley

Jamie Swanson

Three hearts on my wrist meaning Faith, Hope and Love

Sharon Widell

I had tattoos done in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Emily Wargel

It hurt, but it didn't last very long and I believe it was w ...more

Bon Joy

Got my second tattoo in memory of my dad. Bob Marley's 3 lit ...more

fcking -a

For my mother

Yasmine Graham

4 stars on my left wrist :)

Alexis Thompson

I've wanted one for a long time, but what?

Ola Węc

chinese/ actually in my way japanese/: book

Johnny Gonzales

A native eagle done on my back by Nicolle the day before my ...more

Hiking Page

First tattoo of zodiac sign, second was a fairy and third wa ...more

Kayla Nicole

I soooo want one!

Johnny Gonzales

Was so excited and scared at the same time!

maryanne dubreuil

I'm getting Let it go & Let live again tattooed on my wrist ...more

Ruby H

Damn it hurt! ;)

Tyler Lesan

Got a Celtic cross on my back, took 11 hours and 4 sessions ...more

reyna cadwell

Exspress myself:)

Amanda Ricci

I actually go two! :)

Barbara Rivero


Kristi Harman

A lime green ribbon when I become a survivor of Lyme Disease

Aaron Eastham

Getting ink done.

corey james


Kayla Nicole

A meaningful one.

Cody Bickel

not as painful as you would think

Jade Johnson

Just a tiny one.

Nika J-W

I need 4 more including my couples tattoo

Zsófi Homoki

A Zen circle on my left shoulder.

John Leoric Quizon

@ las vegas

Michelle Keaney

Two and counting! Fancy a third ...

Nicole Young

Yep, already know what I'd like.

Emily T

I've previously had this on my bucket list, and crossed it o ...more



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